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October 19 2010

Onion A.V. Club analyzes the sex-scene opening of "Dead Things." The A.V. Club looks at 19 films and TV episodes that open with a sex scene.

'Cutting herself'? Good grief.

You don't see the parallel there redeem147?
Yeah Cazador, obvious metaphor is obvious. Buffy was very depressed that season and her sexual relationship with Spike was a very dangerous thing to do considering that if he wanted to he could've killed her.
Also, the fact their sex actually involved elements of physical violence and S&M is a pretty clear similarity to using pain to make yourself feel alive.
As a recovering cutter myself, I've always found the parallel to be pretty darn clear. And I say that as a Spuffyite. There's a reason I love Season 6 so much, and there's a reason "Dead Things" is always one of the more intense episodes for me.
I remember at the time a lot of discussions of who had used bondage in their sex life, who had been into public sex...

And then a lot of disgust at Buffy's behaviour in the alley.

A lot of things could have killed Buffy. She wasn't having sex with them.

I don't want to be insensitive to people who saw themselves in Buffy's depression. My interpretation at the time was coloured by things in my own life (as I suppose everyone's is when they approach art.)

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Dead Things has always been in my top 5 BtS eps. Easy to remember that DeKnight wrote it but I had to go and check because I'd forgotten the that the excellent director was James A. Contner.

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