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December 12 2003

Angel Role-Playing Game Corebook released. According to the press release: "It's up to you to fight the good fight, to become a crusader for the Powers That Be." For more details, go to the official website.

Anyone here play the Buffy one?

I've looked thru the Buffy one - loved the stats system. It's fun to see all our favorite characters reduced to a set of stats and abilities. Don't know how well the rules worked, but it looked like enough fun that my gamer husband considered buying it, if only as a supplement for his other games. Next time we're at the hobby shop, I'm sure to kill 10 minutes looking thru this one too.

...crawling back into my fangurl cave now.
My geeky boyfriend (I say that with pride) has tried to convince his equally geeky friends to play the Buffy game as a variation to the others they play. But no one was up for the idea.

I say they need more convincing.
If I were into RPG's I'd certainly play it.

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