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October 19 2010

Shawna Trpcic signs on as costume designer for Torchwood Season 4. We already knew that Jane Espenson was writing for it, now Shawna's on board for costumes. Can't wait!

Typo fixes. Thanks for the heads-up, cabri.
Funny how you posted that at the exact minute that Ray fixed it. :P

So glad to see Jane and Shawna working together again. Another commentary maybe? :)
Don't know how I didn't know who she was despite her having worked on a few of my favorite shows ever! Looks like she's done all of Joss' shows except Buffy?
That's cool she's still getting work and even better that it's on a show that I watch.
That is wonderful news! Love Shawna's work and glad she is getting more of it on this must see series.
Kelly Manners has signed also. He worked as a producer on all of Angel and all of Dollhouse.

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Now we just need Mike Massa to stunt double for Angel Captain Jack and it's like old times.

Good news, she always did a bang-up job IMO (with what I know about costuming that basically amounts to saying "Cast members were almost always clothed, only appearing naked when they were meant to be" but still, praise is praise ;).
Well, they can always bring Captain John Hart back to the new season, and make it even more full cicle.

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