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October 19 2010

(SPOILER) Discuss the Dollhouse comic book 'Epitaphs'. My season 2 DVD came today and I noticed we haven't had a discussion thread for 'Epitaphs', so come discuss it!

SPOILERS for Epitaphs:

Ivy makes an appearance...or sorts, and the comic concludes with no real ending, so it seems this is a lead in to things to come.
Poor, poor Zone!
His was certainly the most poignant turn of all the stories.
I just gotta say how exciting it was reading that. I am so glad to be back in the Dollhouse world. The comic already freaked me out more than the show ever did.

Also I am not surprised at all Perrin became president, in fact I had always assumed he did. But is Perrin being president part of the reason the tech got out of control? I go back and forth when I think about it, but I think I'll guess no.
I felt so horrible for Zone. I can't imagine how he must have felt after, but I must admit to being deadly curious to what would happen to the baby. We don't know if his girlfriend is made a blank or a butcher, and what effect the wiping tech would have on the fetus. It'd depend on how far along the fetus was developped (not very far, it seemed) and whether or not you can wipe someone who hasn't been born and formed an identity yet.

I was screaming at the final panel with Ivy. In some ways I find the lack of development and delving into Ivy's character worse than Sheppard Book's, since with Book we got definite hinting that there was more to him then he claimed to be, but Ivy was very much an unremarkable character that we've had bombs dropped about (her "active file" from eBay and now this). I personally think she was the one slipping the hidden messages beneath the activs' programming (Mellie and Echo's messages to Paul), but who knows; either way, it looks like we'll hopefully be finding out.
That's a weird thought about the fetus Arison, but totally relevant. That would have been so creepy (but fun) to explore in the show.

I always really liked Ivy, but I think everyone did because she's one of the only "nice" characters people could relate to.
You know... I wonder if an Active ever got pregnant during an Engagement? I have a feeling abortion would be a most simple option for the Dollhouse. :/ -Sigh- I think that's actually really interesting. Woulda been a nice topic on the show.
I have a story in my head that Whiskey was pregnant when she enrolled..
I liked it... but the shortness of it (and the abrupt ending) made me wish they'd just made a full comic out of it.
well Mellie enrolled because she lost her child, so I could see another story coming down the pipe that dealt with gossi's theory or the active/pregnancy issue...
I always figured the actives must be on birth control, but what about the long term engagements? Maybe client are required to wear condoms. But even so, nothing works 100% of the time, so I'm sure it would have happened eventually.

I'm so glad they're bringing Ivy in. I want to know how she got to the point where she was broadcasting herself, and why she wasn't with the group by the end! Can't wait for future comics.
The Active totally loves and trusts the client (not a client to them) so I don't see them insisting on a condom if the client doesn't want to use one.
I really enjoyed this comic and I'm happy they are going to do more of them. There is a lot more to be explored in this convoluted universe.

And I'm really glad someone thought to put up a Dollhouse comic discussion; I posted one at my lj but got no comments (I was assuming that most people hadn't gotten their DVDs yet). I love the DVDs but I wish there had been a lot more commentaries.
I wouldn't put it past the Dollhouse to temporarily sterilise the Dolls for the duration of their service.
Loved it, especially the penultimate panel, with Ivy. I wasn't sure I'd be buying the comics before, but this has definitely piqued my interest.
Embers, I was thinking it would be a requirement from the house, not the imprinted dolls. Though some sort of sterilization would probably be easier, more effective, and more consistent with various engagements.

I'm curious to see if the boy Ivy was talking to comes back in future comics.
Anyone mind giving a quick rundown of what happened for those of us who can't get this for a few months?
It's somewhat similar to the beginning of Stephen King's Cell.
Here's the rundown:

It's a small booklet, about 4" x 6" that fits inside the DVD case. It's 20 pages long. The main thrust of the story is showing where everyone was at the moment our world ended. It ends with a cliffhanger, likely the set up for the full comic.

A TV newscaster reports uneventful news, though mentions "President Perrin." In the middle of his cast, we are redirected to a street reporter, who is in the middle of absolutely chaos on a city street. She yells "Don't answer your phones!" just before the TV goes dead.

Switch to Zone, who is in the middle of finding out that his girlfriend is pregnant. He's excited about it. Of course, the phone rings, and the girlfriend picks it up

Switch to what appears to be a law office, with men in suits discussing business. The female secretary answers the phone and a moment later comes at the men swinging a fire extinguisher. One manages to throw her through a plate glass window. We do not discover their fates.

Switch to Mag, here called Maggie, who is sitting with a group of friends in a cafe. She's telling them she has a new love interest. Her friends assume it is a guy, but Maggie reveals that the person's name is "Helen." Her friends don't get that this is a coming out moment. One asks, "Helen? What is he, European?"

The friends' phones ring simultaneously, though Mag does not appear to have a phone. After listening, one girl says, "Did I fall asleep?" with the blank look we know so well from the show. Another friend stabs the blank girl in the neck with a table knife. As the friends continue to attack each other, Mag watches in horror. She ends up standing frozen, surrounded by dead bodies.

Switch to an uncle and young nefew working on a carpentry project in a den/garage. The man is trying to teach the boy a lesson about using the right tools for the right job. He mentions computers, and notes that some people are afraid of them because they represent change. The uncle says, "You must embrace the new or be erased."

The phone rings. Uncle answers. He turns to the boy and says, "Listen to me carefully. I'm here to help you. My name is Ivy, and something terrible has happened."

Final scene is a two-page spread of Mag looking over a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.
Thanks racheltng! That sounds pretty amazing, can't wait to see where they go from there. Mag's coming out scene is equal parts awkward and adorable.
Well, I'd discuss Epitaphs, but my pre-order from Comic-Con got cancelled due to, well, foxconnect.conm won't tell me. So, hopefuly, I can find it elsewhere.
This sounds incredible!
Adding to racheltng's synopsis: The lawyer who throws the secretary out the window is Todd Griffin, who we know in Epitaph 1 as Griff.

[Edited to have the correct poster's name. Whoops!]

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It was racheltng who posted the synopsis. And I caught that too.
Thanks racheltng! Sound good. It does sound like Stephen King's Cell, also the beginning of Y: The Last Man.
The comic was sweet and short. A good starter to Epitaphs 1. I had no idea that Ivy was an "active" untl now about the eBay file that was up for sale. Now I wish I bought that file so I could feed my hunger. But with Dollhouse now having a limited run series on Dark Horse, DH on DH!, I think we'll see more of the apocolypse and who everything got to be all toasty.
That certainly would have been an interesting twist for Whiskey,Gossi. Definitely interesting. I also wouldn't put it past the Dollhouse to temporarily sterilise the actives for the duration of their contract, but would the sterilisation cancel the female actives' menstrual cycle? That was something I always wanted to see in the show; we saw that the Dollhouse takes measures to prevent erections in their male actives, so they must do something simillar for the women. I imagine it'd be pretty traumatizing for an active in the doll state to suddenly realise they were bleeding.
Women can have reversable tubal ligations - not 100% foolproof, but pretty reliable - and men can have possibly reversible vasectomies. We know that Tony and Priya were clearly not permanently sterilized. I suppose the House wold have some fertile Actives in case a client wanted to pay to be impregnated or to father a child (the latter would clearly have to be quite a long-term engagement).
Yea, Shapenew, I was thinking the Dollhouse might have clients who wanted a doll to get pregnant. That would have been an interesting storyline, although it might end up similar to the Firefly episode Heart of Gold. Someone gets a doll pregnant who wants a 'successor' and then the doll doesn't want to give up her child.

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