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October 20 2010

Enver Gjokaj Guest Stars on NBC's 'Chase'. His episode airs next Monday (25th October). Watch the trailer here.

Is the show any good?
I don't think so.
What's the show all about? Didn't NBC give it a full season order or something?

From Wikipedia: The series follows a U.S. Marshals fugitive-apprehension team, based out of Houston, Texas

The show seems blah, but I feel compelled to watch Enver's episode... even when his character's going to be the baddie... who's very hot in sunglasses and making things go boom.

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Is the show any good?

Based on the first two eps only, if by "good" you mean "Attempts to pack every cliché about the American south into its first episode and then just expands on the thesis in its second, interspersed with hokey dialogue that never misses a chance to be obvious" then yep, it's the bollocks ;).

Otherwise, nope, it's just bollocks (IMO).

(maybe for Enver. Maybe)
Love Enver, loathe "Chase."

I tried it. It was beyond predictable, if that's even possible. Every "twist" was so obvious as to eliminate the opportunity for suspense.

Granted, I only watched the first episode, and only when it was repeated on the weekend & there was nothing else to look at & I didn't feel like putting in a movie.

But...I watched "Lie to Me" for Enver, I might be able to stare at the screen for his scenes in "Chase." If I'm not working that night. And there's nothing on I normally watch.

We definitely need more Enver. I'd just prefer a larger, more substantial role than "case of the week."
I think Chase is mostly serviceable "veg out" fare, except for the laughable stunt pieces they feel the need to tack on without having the budget or directorial prowess to pull off. Mainly I'd like to see the two leads together in something else because I enjoy them.
I think he's also in an ep of Undercovers.
I haven't seen this show and had no intention to. I guess I'll watch his episode. at least Lie to me is actually good.
Just saw him last night in the movie "Stone", with De Niro and Edward Norton. He was only in the opening scene, but it was stunningly good. The rest of the movie never approached its power.
Wow. A show I've never heard of. Good to get work, though.
I saw the previews for next week's show, and I suspected it was Enver. Now I have to tape it. Chase is OK, only because I miss Cold Case, which also had a great crime-fighting blonde
@gossi - He was in Undercover for realz? Does that mean I now have a reason to watch this show?
'Undercovers' also doesn't have a whole lot going for it IMO and may well be for the chop from internet scuttlebutt (it's not absolutely dire, it has moments, they're just few and far between and those betweens are pretty mediocre). I'm still watching it though because, frankly, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is stunningly beautiful, one of those women that turns any [straight] men in the room into slack-jawed morons when she walks in.

It'll be much easier to watch it just for Enver's appearance though (if his ep airs that is).
I'm actually still waiting for the "catch" that almost all JJ's shows have-- Alias had Rambaldi, Lost has... a lot of things, Fringe has the alternate universe... although right now, I can't think of anything that Undercovers can "be", so to speak.
Yeah, it does seem a bit straightforward for his stuff but I also can't really see many huge game-changing possibilities. There's the hinted at "real reason for their reactivation" (which up to now i've just been seeing as a pretty feeble "arc" on what's been a very episodic show) but how huge could that really be ? Like, "We actually reactivated you cos ... we're trapped in an alternate universe of incongruous polar bears !" ;).

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