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October 20 2010

Buffy to air on Chiller from November. It's part of the US horror cable channel's rebranding.

Still waiting for Nick at Nite to start running Buffy reruns.
damn,I read this and thought it said "on Chile". then I read again.
So that means Logo won't be airing "Buffy" after October? Or is it going to air both on Logo and Chiller?

I just checked Logo's TV schedule ( It looks like Logo's still airing it but I think their rights are due to expire soon. In any event, that's all well and good as Logo always ran the series at odd times and completely out of order. Hopefully Chiller will air it in

Chiller's airing a 14-hour "Buffy" marathon on Thanksgiving Day!

I'm also looking forward to seeing what other series Chiller will be debuting in November (the ones the Variety article aluded to).

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Thank God. Logo treated BtVS horribly at completely random times and cluelessly out of order. TNT might run AtS in the middle of the night and at the crack of dawn, but at least the schedule is consistent and in order.

Chiller is probably in need of a boost with something a little more high-profile in its line-up.
Not sure what you mean, NileQT87. From what I saw, Logo was airing everything in order every Friday night.
As of 6AM Wednesday on the East Coast, Chiller has rebranded on-air.

I like the new logo - it's very gothic looking, IMHO - and the on-air look. Time will tell if the programming improves. Acquiring the rights to air Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a step in the right direction.

Their website was also rebranded - - though I hope that they restore the link to their forums.

Here's the old Chiller logo...

Here's the new Chiller logo...

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