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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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October 20 2010

Georges Jeanty Buffy interview From NYCC. Talks about the Twilight trade and issue 37.

I think they were getting the Twilight TPB and #37 a bit mixed up there.
I truly believe Small Georges Jeanty could take Actual-size Georges Jeanty in a fight. He may be small but he's wiry.
"A lot of fans look at the Spike and Buffy interlude and don't like it. Spike and Buffy and Angel - never the twain shall meet."
Who the hell is he talking to? This makes me laugh! A lot of fans don't like it? Compared to say, the space frak?

Good lord.
Here we go again...
Well to be fair If someone starts off making sweeping statements about 'shipper issues' in interviews such as this then some fans are bound to get jumpy.
At this point it all just makes me tired. They're going to do whatever they want to ... If I like it - good ... if I don't like it I'll ignore it. Getting upset now wastes energy and has no effect on the outcome.
Scott Allie is evil! He hates Spike! And Angel! And babies! He tries to wind certain people up in interviews! Joss is terrible for the space frak! It's the worst thing he's ever written! He's destroying my childhood hero! He shouldn't say these things in interviews, he's picking on me! Spike is bad! Spike is good! Angel is bad! Angel is good! Spike is best for Buffy! Angel is best for Buffy! This isn't about shipping at all!
Play the ball, not the person - Simon.

[ edited by Simon on 2010-10-20 20:48 ]
I think it's even more amazing how many fans get offended when a creative professional is asked something about their job and offers their honest opinion.
I've given out enough warnings in the past about playing the ball and not the man during interviews to such an extent that posters are now well aware of the matter. So from now on, posts will get deleted/edited etc if this is not happening.
Man, I feel sorry for people who have to give out interviews. The mine fields are endless. Like this one:

But Buffy is in her mid-20s. What girl that age is totally focused on one guy? With all her hormones jumping...

Ummm... lots.

I'm sure it was just an off the cuff comment. I know he's aware of the inflammatory and divisive nature of the Buffy relationship topic amongst the fandom and was probably just trying to down play it in some sort of "neutral" way. I'm sure he based his comment off of some personal experience of his or maybe just things that he's seen via the media. But. I still found it grating and kind of insulting. Though I can't quite pinpoint where...maybe it's the implied denial of variety in female expression and experience. And I doubt he meant to imply anything of the sort. See how dangerous interviews are?

Geez, they can't please anybody, can they? Including me. ;-) Text can be really annoying: just hanging out there in all its provocativeness, staring at you, causing holes of doubt and confusion that are just asking to be filled with in with viperous constructions. (I wonder if video provokes the same sort of kerfuffles... I've never paid attention to that. I think I might start.)

I'm soooo glad I don't have to do interviews. I'd be nervous. I'd be afraid of coming across completely wooden. I'd over compensate by being too open and letting my real opinions or humor out. And then I'd have people spontaneously forming start-up vivisection clubs.

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