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October 20 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyfest preview pages for Angel #38. It's out next week and it's the conclusion of Bill Willingham's run.

Well... kinda? Bill Willingham has been off scripts since #36. The last issue had him credited as co-plotter. Awesome pages, though. Big thanks to Buffyfest for posting these.
Wow, really cool pages!
I actually really enjoyed that preview. I read #37, and was 'meh' about it, but these pages are pretty... Good.

I loved Spike using the 'Let's go to work' line. And Angel's reaction was great.

The shot of Spike, Laura, Gunn, and Kate barging in was a favorite shot of mine. It gave me that epic feeling.

Although the art is iffy at times, I think it's fairly good. And I still adore most of the coloring. It's very smudged looking, which I think it a good look for Angel.

Things are looking up. I think I'll go back, and read #37. Maybe even #36.

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