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October 20 2010

Three Buffy/Angel veterans dream up new female heroines for The CW. Vulture reports that Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain are adapting Secret Circle and Marti Noxon is shepherding a drama called 'Chloe'. Both projects are only at the pilot script stage.

Yay! Craft & Fain are brilliant together like pb & j! Hoping to hear more about this soon. :)

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To me, this is a match made in heaven: The Secret Circle is one of my favorite book series (I'm a hardcore L.J. Smith fan) and it's being created by Whedon developers. For the poll, I clicked, "Reserving judgment until Adam and Nick casting." Yeah. It all pivots upon Nick.
Also of note, unless I missed it posted earlier, is that Ms. Marti Noxon is helping to develop a project called Chloe.
I can't wait. Loved The Secret Circle when I was younger. Though this would have been better as a film rather than a TV series, but there is potential to crossover with The Vampire Diaries with this one (books were written by the same author though it might not nec. be in the same universe).
The original source mentions Marti so I edited the entry to show that.
Craft & Fain's project sounds amazing. And they're amazing writers, too. I hope it does well. But I'd hate to see them leave Vampire Diaries. It's one of the best genre shows on TV right now.

Marti's show sounds... it sounds like it could either be good or really bad. And I'm leaning towards the bad... it just sounds kind of... I don't even. I'm just not really drawn to the premise, I guess.
As far as I know Craft & Fain are not involved with The Vampire Diaries. It was developed by Kevin Williamson of Dawson's Creek fame and Julie Plec. It is the best show on TV, IMHO. Great writing and they pack more in one ep that some series do in a year.
Re: Craft & Fain and Vampire Diaries: Linkage.
Ohhhhh, this makes me happy all over. I was just saying the other day that there are not any good TV heroines right now and, like the article says, I am still mourning the loss of Dollhouse.
I could use a show about witches. Something better than Charmed please.
Someday someone will adapt LJ Smith's Night World books *hopes*, though the logistics would be horrendous.
=( This makes me sad. I dislike when people take my treasured childhood memories and turn them into teen sex dramas.

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