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October 20 2010

More guests at Creation's salute to Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse. Scroll down a bit in the events list and you'll see the QMx panels: one with Ron Glass, and another on writing (with Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss and Jose Molina).

Man, what I wouldn't give -- 3 of my favorite fandoms in one place! I can't wait for California to fall into the damned ocean so they'll hold a few good conventions a little bit closer to Detroit. :P
I have friends going - and with the writing panel, now I'm jealous!
Oops, sorry about that--I did a cut-and-paste from the Creation page :-(. I've corrected the spelling for Andrew Chambliss.
It's cool, I figured they had got it wrong :)

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