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October 21 2010

Cast of Buffy pose for awkward family photos at Wizard Boston Con. James Marsters, Mercedes McNab, Clare Kramer, Amber Benson, Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendon join in on the fun.

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I was going to say that JM has exactly the same expression in each photo but scrolling through he is really pulling out all the stops! This has also convinced me that I am most definitely NOT getting my picture taken with any of the Whedonverse alumni next time they are at CollectorMania MK, because I wouldn't want the whole Internet to see my goofy expression :-)
Go onnnnn, Twinkle!
Also, NB really does look the same in every photo. Am loving the one where NB & JM hug. It's adorable.
My first thought was "Jesus, James looks a lot like John Schneider". My second thought was "Actually, John Schneider looks a lot like John Schneider". I'm now thinking "Book an appointment at the optician's" ;).

Yep, JM strikes some cool poses there, no doubt making the pose-ees very happy bunnies indeed (also liked Clare Kramer doing the "Glory brain hands").
You should add to that post Charisma Carpenter. She did some pictures as well starting on page 23.

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These photos aren't from DragonCon. 1) Amber has never attended DragonCon. 2) James Marsters, Mercedes McNab, Clare Kramer, and Nicholas Brendon have never attended DragonCon in the same year. 3) The photo tag shows many of the photos were taken on 17 Oct (DragonCon was 3-6 Sept 2010). 4) The badges & lanyards have "" written on them.

From the info on the Wizard World website, it looks like these are from the "BuffyFest @ New England Comic Con" which was 15-17 October 2010.
Just me, or does Nick resemble David Cross in some of those photos? Probably just me haha!
These photos aren't from DragonCon.

Corrected, cheers.

You should add to that post Charisma Carpenter.

Added, thanks.
I'm totally missing the point if this. Is it a project about "family photos"? Looks like ordinary convention photos to me, so I don't get it.
There are some fun poses in those photos - makes me wish I'd spent the money on one @ DragonCon, but I've heard that they're rushed & many of them turn out poorly (out of focus & such). Perhaps it's better at a smaller con w/ less people... I'd be peeved if my personal photo was on display, though...
Good to see that the cast are looking as pretty/handsome as ever. The ones where people get a bit creative are great. My favourite photos: Clare, Nick, James and Amber.
Haha, yeah this one is the best!
Wow! Some of those were beyond awkward. But really I'm just jealous...
Mark Metcalf is also in some of the photos.
Uh yeah he definitely looks like David Cross. That's actually who I thought it was in the first pictures with the weird oldman glasses and the hat. Some of these ARE so awkward! The things people ask them to do? lol hilarious
Emmie, I like that one too. Hilarious!

When I saw Claire at the Chicago comic show a few months ago, I had her sign a photo for my niece. She personalized it for her and wrote, "Where's my key??!!." My niece loves it!

Meanwhile, my girlfriend has been insisting that I move the photo I took with her and Nick from my bedroom wall to my comicbook room. (It may become a battle of wills but so far, its still hanging next to my bedroom dresser!)
I love this one! NB and JM are adorable! :-)
Oh wow, Nick's David Cross-ness is uncanny. Definitely some fun photos here.
My three thoughts:

1. What good sports those actors are!

2. Handsome/beautiful actors really, really bring out the homeliness of homely folks. Hence...

3. Remind me never, ever to pose in one of these.
Wow James really got creative with the woman with the bright red hair - she got some great shots! And Charisma looks none too pleased to be there, doesn't she? Clare is absolutely dazzling... and who is that tall, pale man with dark brown hair?

These are so cool. Wish there was one with JUST the cast members, though.
Charisma did look pretty serious, maybe she doesn't like her smile with teeth ? Or maybe she'd just had a crappy day.

... and who is that tall, pale man with dark brown hair?

Was wondering that myself Willowy. I was thinking Doug Jones or Camden Toy but he looks a bit different to their IMDB photos (though you can never be sure when those were taken - they're obviously partly for promotional purposes too).

Took me ages to recognise Burt Ward and Adam West too (though the "unknown stuntman" was instantly recognisable ;).
My favorite was James hamming it up:

I love that Nicholas Brendon is wearing a Sheldon Cooper shirt. :)
I'm totally missing the point if this. Is it a project about "family photos"? Looks like ordinary convention photos to me, so I don't get it.

Color me confused too. Whose Flickr page is that? The professional photographer? Did all these people consent to having the convention photos they paid for put up on the internet? They're fun to look at, especially the ones where James Marsters is vamping, but some people are very sensitive to internet privacy issues, particularly when it comes to young children.
I hope those were intentionally awkward.
Nick Brendon actually looks younger these days.
Charisma Carpenter has a gorgeous smile, though I don't see one where she is. And she's obviously not as into groping as the others.
I know it isn't Camden Toy, there's never any mistaking him! ;)

Didn't recognize Ward, but loved seeing West, and 'Steve Austin'. John Schneider looks... um... amazing. Some cheese definitely ages well. :D
They're all organised in sets if you look at them on this view instead of the one linked in the main post. That should tell you who everybody is.
Are the people asking for these poses or are the actors just trying to have fun with it? Cause I'm totally cool if James was just thinking up stupid poses the whole time.

Part of me things there's no way that anyone would ask, "Will you pretend like you're just about to passionately kiss me?" ;) But maybe some people are just forward like that!
Ugh, I just saw this link to other Dragoncon photos from the same Flickr photostream on with a not-so-very nice spin on it. Kind of makes me question how cool it was for them to do that. I sure wouldn't want to pay good money for a celebrity photo only to have it put on display for internet douchebags to mock.
Thanks for the link, RachVG.

And, wow, Charisma looks bored in most of those pics.
No need for the link, The One True b!x, as it's in the comments for the above link. ;)
Why make people dig for such a gem?
Due to RachVG's excellent link to labeled files, I'm guessing the tall, dark haired guy is Mark Metcalf.

And Willowy, it looks like you get your wish for a group cast photo.
Ew my picture is on there. Oh well, at least I have a digital copy now. Fun stuff.
Mine too. The album is Froggy's, the photographer. Nice guy, great time, and while it's a good photo, there was no consent for it to be up there. I'm not really impressed, but it doesnt ruin the awesome time of meeting the cast and a lot of great people. But seriously Charisma, for $200 you could smile for a picture with myself and my fiance?
At least now I can be happy we didn't waste the extra $15 for a digital copy. But other than that, it's a little bit weird.
I will never do that. Not that I don't appreciate the actors having fun with the fans, but I have a thing about meeting people I like under "paid" circumstances. Though I had great fun on the Browncoat Cruise 2008 and had dinner with Michael Fairman, I paid for that. He was a great raconteur and a gentleman, but still. My greatest moment during the cruise was just approaching Sonny Rhodes to ask a question about being an artist. That said, I do love James' creativity and in giving the people what they want. I think the lady with the red hair may be the same woman in the group that bought him the theatre seat.
Definitely happy about that.

Yeah you could tell Charisma wasn't in the best mood. Luckily my group shot photo was one of the couple where she smiled. I'd be a little annoyed otherwise, mostly cuz the price. Think I saw one on the table with her massaging her neck.
I agree with you on that. This is the only con I've paid to meet anyone at - but you couldn't meet them without paying for either a photo or an autograph, which I'm pretty sure was set up by Cinescape, who sponsored the whole thing. I heard the same wasn't true for meeting James at NYCC a few weeks before.
Good to know the Buffy love is still there. The lines were huge and the conference rooms too small. Also having Barak Obama in the building added to the crowding.
It was definitely busiest Saturday. Sunday was almost quiet. There was almost always someone waiting in line...but it wasn't going around the booth and all along the convention center wall.

But I'm sure it could have been busier. I'm pretty sure there wasn't even a link for it on here all weekend - despite it being the biggest gathering of Buffy stars since Paley. Bad marketing, Wizard World!
They look so old :(
Nice first comment TylerAustin. not

Welcome to The Black.
The guys look old. The girls not so much (have they aged a year?).

But I'm used to looking at James' older face due to Caprica.
Luke Perry, Nicholas Brendan, and James Marsters all in the same building. All we needed was DB and MB and it could've been a fight to the death for Buffy's love.
LOL My pic is on there. I got a pic done with Nick and James. They were both very, very sweet guys. Kind of glad I didn't shell out the extra money for the jpeg, since I just got it for free. ;)

Charisma did look like she was not in a good mood all day. And she left much earlier than the others.

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Old? What is the definition of old, the criterion? I'm not going to get too excited about the word (the Fillion campaign to get him the role as Nathan Drake has resulted in quite a few "he's too old remarks" which do piss me off, but what are you going to do? Fight the world? He isn't in my eyes - and that's what health/workout trainers are for, to seriously prepare for a specific role). To me, Nicky and James look like grown, mature men now, not boys, and wow, if I may be crude in just the slightest way, still hot... Ouch! :=)
I've seen Charisma at a couple of cons and she never looks completely comfortable in the photo sessions. IIRC she had a stalker issue a long time ago which is why she didn't do them at all for a while, and it's why she never gets as huggy as some of the others do. We noticed that while she put her arm around the back of the girls when the pictures were taken, with the guys she tended to put her arm behind her own back instead. I haven't seen her since 2007 but it looks like she still feels more or less the same way.
I never thought James looked so... old. Looks like the chicks are holding up much better than the guys.
These Photos were taken by the Photographer and are up so that the people who paid for the jpegs could down load them, however some have taken them and are now making fun of them. I have taken many pictures with most of not all of the actors in them and they have been great! In fact James and I had are 100th picture together recently and I know that I would be beyond pissed if my pictures that I paid for and were my property were now up on different sites and used to make fun.
Well, they probably are so maybe the photographer should've uploaded it to a less public page?
James is 48, Nick is pushing 40 - the chances of them looking like teenagers is pretty slight. That being said, photographs aren't always forgiving and I can vouch that they both look younger in person.
People here are not making fun of them that I've seen - and let's let that stand as a nudge away from the notion for anyone considering it. And while i am saddened that people elsewhere have chosen to mock, the photog should've set them to friend only and friended those who had paid or uploaded to a keyed private Picasa or other Gallery somewhere non-public.
The title of the link probably helped set the tone for the thought of people making fun. It was likely unintentional but still probably not the best choice of words.
I realize 1- I talk too much, boundary issues 2-baby fat melts away after 25 at the latest but I can't help but get worried every time I've seen a pic of AMber the past 4-5 years.

God, Richard Anderson; too bad Earl Holliman and Warren Stevens didn't tag along :-).

And yeah, people ahve the right to their moods; it's not always a good day just because you're doing a personal "app."

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No, BreathesStory, there are still fans in that one. Thanks, anyway! :)

And tall dark guy is not Mark Metcalf. Does anyone know who he is?

Funny if he was a crasher who just inserted himself in there. Hee.
They Buffy group shot was Mark Metcalf, James Marsters, Nick Brendon, Amber Benson, Clare Kramer, Mercedes McNab, and Charisma Carpenter on Satuday. Then the same crew minus Charisma Carpenter on Sunday.
Either Froggy's Photos has deleted their Flickr account or Flickr has deleted their account. The photos are now gone.

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