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October 21 2010

James Marsters cancels Austin Comic Con appearance. According to his official Facebook page, he is pulling out due to a filming conflict.

Shit Piss Fuck.

His presence was the only reason I was going to take off work.

Damn Hell Fuck.

Did I say Fuck?

Sorry for anyone planning to go to that Con. But it is always good news when an actor gets work. Now, what could it be? He was blown up on Caprica and shot and fell in the ocean on Hawaii 5-0. But you know with James, if they haven't found a body, he always comes back!
And there's Smallville, Berry. And maybe they're doing something to tweek Three Inches. Or maybe something new. :)
This is why I had not bought tickets to Austin Con, I am so disappointed. He was the ONLY reason I was going and it was only 3 hours away. He never gets in this part of the world. As far as Caprica goes, he had plenty of time to have gotten away before the big boom. But still he is working on something I can watch him in. DAMN IT.

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