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October 21 2010

Michelle Trachtenberg sets up project at CW. Michelle would star as a young criminology student with a gift for profiling and a dark past .

The project is based upon an idea by Michelle .She would serve as a producer also and so far the project has received a script order though it still has no name .

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I love Schwartz, so I'll be tuning in. I find it noteworthy that he always really seems attached to all of his projects, even if he's less involved than some than others. I'm looking forward to his Rachel Bilson vehicle and I'm super excited for this now -- even if it currently sounds like Veronica Mars 2.0. It's all about the execution.

(Though giving Rob Thomas a phone call wouldn't be a terrible idea.) :p

Hope it gets a pilot!
I'm amused by the idea that CW is also getting in on the procedural show. That said, Tratchtenberg actually is pretty good in spite of how annoying Dawn sometimes got so I'm kind of intrigued.

I do hope she has the same snarky edge as Veronica Mars since her comedic work is actually pretty good. I don't remember or haven't caught most of her dramatic roles aside from being the Key secretly. (And wouldn't that be a twist as dark pasts go.) Seems I missed her nurse show getting canceled.
That actually sounds kind of interesting.
Sounds like The Inside.
That was my first thought, eddy. How about we add Tim Minear and Rob Thomas as co-showrunners?
Oh, I forgot we had that kind of power!
In that case, this will have to wait until after Tim has finished doing this:

(from the commentary for "Getting Closer")
"We used to say that Charisma Carpenter is like a young Mary Tyler Moore. But I actually think Summer Glau is like a young Mary Tyler Moore, and I think she's not used far as effectively as she could be. Because, you know, she's often hired to play these killers, and robots and crazy people. You know, we're guilty of it, too. But the fact is, she is very adept at romantic comedy. She's very funny, with those big, Mary Tyler Moore-like eyes. I think she should be used for romantic comedy more, and I'd like to just make a plea for that now. Maybe I'll do it later."

Because, yeah, we here at Whedonesque live in this world where this is a thing that's real, right? Please? :)
How about we add Tim Minear and Rob Thomas as co-showrunners?

Oops, you just got it canceled.

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