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October 21 2010

Tim Minear talks to Kelly Wheeler about Terriers. In the latest video to go along with the latest post on the Terriers production blog, Tim talks about what makes (or doesn't make) the show's characters different. Link is directly to the video, not the spoiler-laden blog post.

Relatedly, I finally opened a .org thread for the show.
If you're not worried about spoilers, the blog is here.

If you're not familiar with Kelly, she was the Blue Sun cola girl in the commercial that first came up on the vidphone when Jayne was calling the fed at St. Lucy's in "Ariel". The commercial also appeared on Mr. Universe's wall of signal. She's been an assistant something-or-other ever since Buffy and will have her first writing credit in two weeks, cowriting the 11/3 Terriers episode with Shawn Ryan.

This is my favorite series since ... well, Firefly. I wasn't online for Firefly but I'm beginning to understand the frustration that everyone was suffering. People of Earth! Watch this fantastic series!
Sadly, this series is losing viewers because Fox and Dish Satellite are in dispute about fees and FX is no longer on Dish. I can't watch it anymore.
It already has so few viewers it barely Nielsen tracks - I don't think the Dish dispute affected the numbers at all. (I mean, except for the people would couldn't, you know, watch).

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People without FX can watch on Hulu, iTunes, or Amazon. This show is wonderful and has filled the Veronica Mars/Rockford Files shaped hole in my life.
Well, we've got another 6 weeks to get everyone we know to watch, no chance of FX pulling it before the end of its run.
I don't suppose anybody knows when/if a Tim-written episode will be coming up? He's the reason I got into this show, and I'm dying to see a whole episode full of his goodness (though there have been traces throughout the series).
Tim wrote episode 11, which the cast already has started raving about.
This show has panache. And chutzpah. Also éclat and élan, and other exotic words signifying a certain zingy life something... some spark not present in much of the TV line-up - including shows that have far bigger audiences.

That seems a damn shame. Terriers started out strong and has just gotten better - its writing, acting and production are all top notch. I care about these people characters, and I feel like they've earned it.

This show is persistent, just like li'l terriers. I get it now.
I'm resigned to just getting one season of this show, but damn what an amazing season it's shaping up to be. Here's hoping Shawn & Tim had enough sense to tie it all up at the end though.
It was all in the can before it started airing, I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong, those who know much more than me.
Given that everyone is saying that all the episodes will air, and Donal and Michael are off on the bus tour, my assumption is that they all are shot.
Thanks for the Tim alert, bix. Oh, I am excited.

And I have faith that Tim will at least push for some degree of closure. It was he who suggested ending Wonderfalls on a finale-ish note, if I recall correctly.
A big "what they said" to all the Terriers praise above. It's a fantastic show, with humor, heartache and darkness in Buffy-sized portions, and any Whedonesquers who haven't seen it should check it out and prepare to be enthralled. The heartbreak of probable cancellation isn't exactly new territory for us here and shouldn't keep anyone from watching. You'll be glad you did.
It's funny how we always lament the networks and talk about cable as the holy land... and yet the two best shows this season, Rubicon and Terriers, looks headed for the scrapheap. I don't think Terriers has a hope in hell of surviving, but hopefully AMC will renew Rubicon and they can make up for that terrible season finale.
Everybody on Whedonesque should be watching this show however they can.

Terriers is fantastic.
Donal and Michael were just in Ann Arbor over the weekend and attended the Michigan-Iowa football game. It was cool to find out that Michael is a fan of the Wolverines.
Too bad he wasn't also a good luck charm. That was a great screening and Q&A last Thursday. :) And too bad they couldn't have dragged Tim along with them!
Thanks to b!X, I have a terriers ringtone on my new iphone. :) Love this show!
There's a good interview with the co-stars at TV Squad. There are a few mild spoilers at the end, but there's a warning before you get to them:
It's kind of hilarious seeing all the suggested youtube videos of terriers. And then it's sad when I realize those videos have more views than the actual show does.
Jobo said:

I don't suppose anybody knows when/if a Tim-written episode will be coming up?

Actually, we've already had a few. Tim had a big hand in all of them. In fact, he co-wrote the first handful (after the pilot, of course) but is uncredited. Episode 11, as stated before, is the one he put his name on.

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That's cool, kungfubear. I mean, I can soitenly see his touches here and there. Thanks for that information!

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