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October 21 2010

Eliza meets the Geeks. First image from the November 4th episode of The Big Bang Theory guest-starring Eliza Dushku.

Eliza looks great, I swear she gets prettier and prettier each time I see her.
I'm so happy she is doing this, of course I was even more thrilled when Summer Glau did it (their first season?). Big Bang Theory knows who the hot women of sci-fi genre are (it was cool seeing Katee Sackhoff last week).
Maybe they'll get Alyson Hannigan, Emma Caulfield or God forbid, SMG on TBBT next. *fingers crossed*
**NEWSFLASH*** This just in. ELiza Dushku really quite attractive. Film at 11 ... /04/10.

(yeah, yeah, I realise from my UK perspective that's the 11th of April this year, this one goes out to the US readers ;)

Glad she's playing an actual part, Katee Sackhoff played herself but a fantasy/dream version and she had some funny lines to deliver whereas Summer felt a bit wasted to me (since she basically played "Summer Glau").
I thought Summer's cameo in BBT was hilarious. I need to re-watch it again.

Although I wouldn't put it past the writers to put in a "You look an awful like Eliza Dushku..." reference during that scene.
Did you saw the Life Unexpected episode, where Emma Caulfield character said that Shiri Appleby one looked a lot like the chick from Rosswell?

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