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October 21 2010

Bandwagonification! Looks like Emma's Bandwagon is finally coming out for us all to see via YouTube! Very excite!

It's being released in installments and the first episode is out now!!

This is a legal distribution?
Emma is the one releasing it on youtube - she's tweeted several links to it - so I'd assume it is legal distribution.
She must love Brian Dennehy.
It's hard to talk about the good that you're going without sounding superior.
David Fury and Joss are in this aren't they? Havem't seen it yet, will watch at the weekeend.
So far Tom Lenk is the only Buffy alum to make an appearance but if I remember correctly David and Joss are both in it... the first ep is only 7 minutes or so but I'm hoping she rolls them out on at least a weekly basis.

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