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October 21 2010

(SPOILER) IDW Releases for January 2011. A busy month with Angel #41, Spike #4, Illyria #3, the John Byrne hardcover collection, plus more.

Also being released: a reprint of Angel: After the Fall #1 for $1, and the second Fallen Angel omnibus which collects the 'Reborn' mini-series featuring Illyria.

Anyone who knows the backstory/ point of these reprints? I've seen them do it with several other whedoncomics.
It's to encourage newcomers to pick up the title and/or get interested in comic books.
RE: spike #4 cover- eeeew! I do not want to own a comic with that cover!
Looking at the page numbers, I'm wondering if John Byrne's "Music of the Spheres" Lorne story might actually be in this. 160 pages is a lot for Blood & Trenches + Frankenstein.
Will be picking up the Angel,Spike and Illyria issues.
Full size cover images now available at Comics Continuum.

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