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October 21 2010

Eliza hasn't discussed Avengers with Joss but knows who she wants to play. MTV continues their interviews with Eliza for the Dollhouse season 2 DVD release (on 'Ghostbusters 3', on 'True Lies 2'), with an interview about The Avengers!

She would not ever, in any capacity, be in Avengers.

Just sayin'.
Haha, Eliza would actually make a great Tigra. And Tigra is getting a lot of play in the Avengers books these days, so I wouldn't rule her out.

If I was going to bet what female Avengers make a cameo in the film, I'd put my money on Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel. She'd probably be more like the Ultimate version with heavy ties to S.H.I.E.L.D. to play on the Nick Fury connection. Although they'd probably rename her Warbird since Ms. Marvel is soooooo 1970's. Maybe Eliza could do this role but hopefully they wouldn't bleach her hair.
no way am I okay with tigra being in any movie. The covered in cat hair look is totally not awesome! Scarlet witch on the other hand..that's a whole other bag of popcorn.. I totally heart Wanda Maximoff.

Joss whedon is the coolest nerd writer ever. But Why not more female avengers?! Wanda? wasp? Female super heroes are his forte! oh, and give them a serious dark side! Like Wanda in avengers disassembled! Or Phoenix, but the one from the comics not X men 3.

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