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October 22 2010

An interview with the Firefly legend that is Sonny Rhodes. He's playing a couple of gigs in New Jersey this weekend and in this interview he speaks briefly about the Firefly theme song and working with Joss.

"...Joss Whedon, creator of both 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'ngel'." Heh.

... Bngel shippers
"I talked with him briefly when I went down to Los Angeles to do the song, had a chance to speak with him a bit, but he's a business man, and I'm an artist, so I didn't want to stay in his face.

Oh, Sonny.
I think Joss is more of a businessman than people realise.
"I think Joss is more of a businessman than people realize."

Well, any "successful" creator is. By successful I mean: People actually get to experience your creations and then support you and your work. (Hey, making the things one's head comes up with isn't always cheap. ;-) Plus, you know, food and stuff.) Besides, I don't think Joss could have lasted as long as he has in the crucible without being a businessman. The great thing is that he never lost himself along the way.
Thanks, Simon! So glad to read Sonny is still performing - I almost said in my comment in the Dragon Con photo topic, that I wondered whether he was alright. He has a MySpace page but I've been at Facebook for awhile and haven't checked back in recently.
Sonny has a Facebook page, and he's a busy man. Last September, he was in Belgium. The Man gets around!
Good to hear he's back performing - I remember a post here...last summer, I think it was, that he wasn't feeling very good and had to cancel a few gigs.

He probably had no clue what he was getting into when he agreed to do the theme. He's now part of our family.
It was here in January of last year, with an April update from Brian DTI.

I love that man's voice - you'all can check out his album "Out of Control" here.

Long live - and perform - Sonny.

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