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October 22 2010

The future of the Dollhouse comic books. Dark Horse's Scott Allie reveals all.

I just finished watching the season 2 DVD. It was my first opportunity to watch it legally, because there's no broadcaster in the Netherlands, which airs Dollhouse. What a thriller ride it was. And man Paul's death was at such an insignificant moment, gruesome. I just can't wait to see more of Dollhouse in the comics. I love Buffy season 8 en the Serenity comics. Hopefully the Dollhouse comics will be equally satisfying.

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I hope that at some point we're going to also get a comic dealing with the aftermath of Epitaph Two and how they go about fixing the world. There must be a ton of stories to tell about that. And I'd really like to know something more of the future of the surviving characters.

But, yeah, Dollhouse comics? Very exciting!
I'm kind of disappointed that the comics won't focus on what happens in between S2, E12 "The Hollow Men" and E13 "Epitaph Two". I feel like there were a LOT of unanswered questions about what happened in between - particularly involving Alpha.

I'm sure that could easily be solved in a one-shot or a 4-part mini-series, but I'd be more interested in that than I would about the continuation of the Epitaph stories.
Do we really need more of Dollhouse?

We were prematurely forced out of the Buffyverse six years ago, and certainly there are many Firefly stories left to tell. However, the narration of Dollhouse had a proper closing. It felt finished to me (and everyone I spoke with). What good could possibly come from coming up with some contrived way to continue it now? I'd say, let it rest.
It doesn't seem contrived to me. What was contrived was the rush to fit years worth of time frame into the final half of a short season, forcing the writers to leave some stories behind. Now, they have the room and the chance to let some of those untold moments breathe. Works for me.
cough cough


cough cough
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the TV show) was done in a story finished fashion too. They weren't cancelled.
I'm happy to know there's more Epitaph storytelling on the way. That was great scifi. And I want to know what Dominic got up to during the apocalypse he couldn't stop.
I couldn't agree with you more, The One True b!X. I'd love to find out what happened between "The Hollow Men" and "Epitaph 2".
Do we really need more of Dollhouse?

Speaking solely for myself, I need more of Dollhouse stories much more than I need those of Buffy or Angel. I think both of those shows ended on a perfect note true to each show's style of storytelling. I enjoyed the time I spent with the characters and it was great to "join" their adventures, but at the end I felt that it was time for me to let them go and live their lives without me being a witness. I know that seasons 8 and 6 are considered canon, but I prefer to use my imagination.

I feel the same about post-Epitaph2 stories. If they write comic books set in that time frame, I would not be interested. But unlike Buffy or Angel, Dollhouse has a ten year gap in its narrative, making possibilities for stories pretty much endless.

And of those "fill in the gap" type of stories I'll take as many as they can give me. Though I would prefer them to center on the main and supporting characters of the show, since I care little to nothing about the Epitaph1 guest characters. That said, the DVD included comic was fun, especially "president Perrin" and "my name is Ivy" bits of it.

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I love the idea of these miniseries. I hope they won't go the ongoing route.
I'm obviously extremely happy for more Dollhouse comics, but I too would like some set in the show's main time line. I like the Epitaph world but there's a whole world before that I can't jut forget about. But I will take what I can get, because a Dollhouse comic wasn't even supposed to happen so it's all good.

Also I'm not really interested in the "mystery" of what Echo is doing like Scott says, just give me some illustrated Eliza please. :PPP
I suppose they could do some comics set during the missing 3 months of the show, but it does seem to me like there isn't really much to tell. The only way I could see them doing it, is if they decided to rewrite the final season and give it the time frame it deserves. A lot of the stories that are there, as well as many I'm sure had to be ditched, could be picked up again and fully explored.

The route they have taken, of filling in the moments between the fall of civilisation and the Epitaphs, seems to be the most logical and least jarring for the fans of the show.
Maybe Im just a sucker for comics. Maybe just a sucker for anything Whedon. Maybe Im just a sucker. But I am actually pretty stoked that this is happening.

I agree that the series was rushed at the end, and there are gaps in stories, and entire story lines dead ended that all could be explained via comic form. I often fantasize about Dominic and Clydes adventures in the Attic and what tales could be told of that. Id also think Gaiman should pen that imaginary storyline, but thats me doing a fan wank.

Dollhouse on comic? Great idea. A lot of demons could get vented and fans could rest easier. This will be something I add to my pull box.
I would love a comic set in the Attic, and it'd be written by Jed and Mo. Since the Attic was their idea, it works. But Eliza's outfit was so cute in that episode so I hope they would include her. :P

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