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October 22 2010

Confirmed: Steven Spielberg will direct Drew Goddard script. It's an adaptation of the Daniel H. Wilson novel "Robopocalypse".

Go Drew! It's yo' birfday! Whoot whoot!
The highest of fives, Drew. PS: Now you can tell Joss how to get your movies released, in answer to yo EW panel question.
Sounds like a great project.

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That's awesome!
I like this pattern where Drew Goddard writes scifi screenplays that get greenlit every few years.
You mean sci-fi and/or horror screenplays, Sunfire (as both "Cloverfield" and "Cabin in the Woods" obviously can be considered as much a part of the horror genre as sci-fi).
Love the concept, love Spielberg and love Goddard.
But I don't like the title LOL
wow ... plus retweeted by Eliza ... she must follow on Twitter.
She Follow Friday'ed Whedonesque earlier. Fun.

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First, Go DREW!

Second, Spielberg has some experience in the robot realm if you think about A.I., but the problem with Steve is that he has not yet, at least to my satisfaction, ended his films in the proper place. There is always that niggling worry in him, it seems, that he must provide some kind of a feel-good ending. Hopefully, Drew's script will stop him from doing this.

And Third,

Go Drew!!


I still want to see Cabin in the Woods.
double post.

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1st off congratulations to Drew but on the other hand I hope Spielberg doesn't bowdlerize it to much in an effort to appeal to the mainstream which is one reason I tend not to enjoy his works as much as I could. His adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Minority Report was a particularly profound disappoint to me especially when compared to Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly.

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Yay for Ultimate Drew! Hopefully this is a better Spielberg film than Indy 4. :/

I hope Spielberg doesn't bowdlerize it to much in an effort to appeal to the mainstream

Who knows how "mainstream" the story/film will be. The book hasn't even been released (finished?) yet.
I hope this project is designed to appeal to the mainstream.
Congratulations, Mr. Goddard!

And you know, "mainstream" isn't a de facto bad thing. Think... "Starwars" : )

May the force be with you, Drew. (But since you've got Mr. Spielberg, that's probably redundant.)
I really hope the name sticks. It's gonna be amazing.
I confess, I'm perplexed by the genesis of this project. They want to make a movie, so a book is being written by Wilson and as the novel is being written Goddard gets pages which he adapts into a screenplay for a movie that Spielberg will direct. So it sounds something like the first third of the novel that's completed is already being adapted into a screenplay before the novel's even finished.

Which left me wondering why anyone wanted to make this book into a movie before it was even finished (what if it sucks?). Through doing a little digging, I see Wilson is a robotics expert who's written several previous novels-as-guides like How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion. I'm still wondering if the story's going to be any good. Wilson's survival guides don't seem like great stories, but rather full of fascinating science and creative worldbuilding--it makes me wonder if Goddard was involved in helping create the story (protagonist's journey, characterization, supporting cast). Maybe someone has read Wilson's previous books and can attest to his storytelling capabilities. I have no doubt Goddard will write an amazing screenplay, but I'm wondering if this might be one of those rare occasions where the movie is better than the book.

I know the focus is all about SPIELBERG! and ROBOT MOVIE! but I would've appreciated the article painting a clearer picture of how this project came about.

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This happens all the time in Hollywood Emmie. Someone comes up with the outline and a studio decides they're going to film it to cash in on its eventual success. Kick ass was being written at the same time it was filmed.
Emmie, that was pretty much my exact thoughts when this story was first linked here.

And the way they described the process in this article, with Goddard getting pages to adapt whilst Wilson is still writing the novel, seem very weird and counter-productive to the 'integrity' of the novel itself, whatever that's worth.

Idk, maybe I'm just old fashioned in that I don't let other's see my work until it is all finished.
Note that 2001: A Space Odyssey was written as a novel by Arthur C. Clarke and a screenplay by Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke and that worked out okay for them. :-)

It's not the typical process, but I'm sure the outline was given so that Drew knows how it ends and major plot points. Like any movie it could work, it could fail.

Hopefully it's a success and that we will finally see Cabin In The Woods come out with the advertising "...from the writers of the Avengers movie and Robopocalypse"! :-)
Speilberg needs fresh blood and something good to make himself important again. Otherwise it's off to winners like "War of the Worlds" and "Indiana Jones [4]" for another ten years.

He'll be sucking the lifeforce from Drew like Willow words from those books, and looking around to see if people think he's noticable anymore.

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