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October 22 2010

(SPOILER) Enver eyeing Torchwood role? Ausiello reports so, at any rate, but doesn't give any indication as to how likely it is. Spoiler tagged for character descriptions if you haven't seen them yet.

I like the idea so much I'm posting so on Entertainment Weekly comments.

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I really hope Enver gets the role! He's the most talented actor I've seen, well, ever. I really can't remember when an actor has impressed me as much as he has.
Enver would be so amazing on Torchwood there aren't even words for it. If he loses this role to Chad Michael Murray, whose only real talent is to look pretty, I will cry a million tears.

Digging Amber Stevens too, she's always been a favourite on Greek.
I'm a licence payer so I approve.
Oh please, please let this happen.
I'm not looking at the link, through fear of spoilers, but this would be incredible if it happened. I was excited enough to have Jane Espenson in the writers' room, but this would probably make Torchwood my most anticipated show by a long margin.

Enver was simply astounding in Dollhouse; I really hope he gets some great parts in the future.
Oh, this would please me mightily. *crosses fingers*
And then Enver's character will make out with Captain Jack, and James will come back as Captain John and they'll all make out together and...

Wait, was that my outside voice?
If Enver gets the role, I'll be marathoning all of Torchwood before watching the US version; if CMM gets it, I'll avoid it like the plague. Like. Seriously.
Would certainly be an awesome/ironic coincidence if Enver Gjokaj where to get this role and - as previously rumoured - Summer Glau where to end up with, I would assume, a certain other related role also mentioned in this article.
I don't remember there ever being Summer rumors. My BS sense suspects someone's wish list became "there's a rumor".
Not to mention Summer's going to be a bit busy on another show.
My issues with the new series of Torchwood aside, I'd much, much rather see Enver back on my telly than CMM - his acting (to me) has always been so wooden.
The Summer Glau rumour is totally incorrect.
The Summer Glau rumour is totally incorrect.

Oh, I'm sure it is.

It'd still be a riot, though. ;)
Oh my goddess!! Enver and John Barrowman? I think the universe would explode from hotness. Awesome.
If Enver does not get the role, under no circumstances should they let CMM anywhere near Torchwood. Nothing good can come from that.
Well Chard Michael Murray is or was at least rather pretty. No idea what he looks like now-- and I thought he quit One Tree Hill a few years ago? And I just realized I have no idea if that show is still on the air.

Anyway, I admittedly didn't like that Rex character from the start since they sort of oversold this new addition to the Torchwood cast. (There was some press blurb which more or less proclaimed something along the lines of "men like Rex make us proud to be human and ashamed we aren't more like him.") It'd hopefully go a long way towards me giving the character a fair shot if he was played by an actor I really liked.

Plus I'm rather sure Torchwood hasn't done the sci-fi body swap episode yet so I'd be utterly giddy to find out what Enver's Welsh accent is like.
orangewaxlion, I believe you're referring to the casting call for TORCHWOOD and Rex. Casting calls aren't press releases and aren't meant for public consumption - they're to help get the right actors for the roles internally.
I really hope this happens. Notice how the whole Dr. Who/Torchwood consortium is gunning to get Whedon alumni on board. Mark Sheppard as The Master. James as Captain John,Enver as anybody and everybody, and Jane Espenson as God.
I wonder why there are CIA people in Torchwood. what are they doing exactly? Torchwood is supposed to be beyond the government and even the UN. also, the character descriptions remind me of Owen and Tosh.
I do hope Enver gets it. at least that'd be a reason to watch the show.

can you tell I haven't got high hopes for it?
Torchwood closed at the end of Children of Earth, okelay.
The Rex/Owen and Esther/Tosh comparisons are really quite irksome considering that apart from sharing genders they really have nothing in common. Owen is a snarky withdrawn doctor and Tosh is a romantic geek. How they're the same as "CIA golden child" and "intensely optimistic Christian" I have no idea.
Thank you, Matt. That comparison was making absolutely no sense to me either.
Torchwood closed at the end of Children of Earth, okelay

Speaking of, how many series end with the lead character saying 'screw it' and running away from his loved ones and problems?

Ah, I love Children of Earth.
You may just love 'A New World', TDS.

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