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October 24 2010

Vote for Whedon alums for TV Guide cover. It's Bones vs Castle vs Chuck vs How I Met Your Mother... Voting until November 1st.

It's for the December 13th issue.

Nice representation of Whedon alums. If you're torn I'd say vote for Chuck since it is the only show that is constantly on the bubble ratings-wise and can use more viewers. Bones, Castle and HIMYM, on the other hand are solid in the ratings.
I had to vote for 'Castle', of course I'm currently reading 'Naked Heat' and I love my captain.
I'm torn between How I Met Your Mother and Castle.
Chuck, for the same reason that E-Rawk gives.

ETA: So I went there to vote and it's one of those stee-yu-pid vote-as-many-times as you want things. We all know what that means. Feh.

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FloralBonnet, by that you mean Chuck will win? I like all the shows, but every time I get linked to this - Chuck it is. lol. Everyone else is doing just fine.
Sorry, I had to go with Supernatural. Never liked Chuck or How I Met Your Mother, I used to like Bones, but it hasn't been very good lately and I do really like Castle a lot, but I love Supernatural. So happy it is on for another season.
I voted for Supernatural as it's my favorite show after Buffy, and those guys are looking spiffy on that cover.
I went with Bones ... not my favorite pic of them but love the show. (And the star :) )
Went for Castle. Also, the pic for Castle was supercute *kicks small animal to regain masculinity*.
Well going by cuteness: HiMYM's photo is VERY cute, and Chuck's would have been cuter if it had included Adam (Casey) Baldwin... . But I do agree w/manreaction (sans kicking of small animal), the Castle photo is very fraken cute.
Ok, too too weird, because every show either has a primary cast member that's a Whedon alum, or, a recurring role (like Marsters in Smallville) or has had several alum as one off guest stars (supernatural:, mercedes macnab, amber benson, julie benz, and amy aker are all i remember off the top of my head, but, there may be more)
Behold the power of the Whedon....muwahahahahahaha!
I vote the Hollywood sign should be changed to HollyWhedon, as he obviously is the king of Hollywood...
Aw, when I read the headline I thought it was going to be a cover of just Whedon alums... that would be awesome.
A lot of good shows on there, but my heart belongs to Supernatural. And since Ben Edlund is very involved in the show I'm counting it as a vote for Whedon.
Four of the six have Whedon alumni. All of them have featured Whedon actors as guest stars.
If Casey had been in the picture, I would have voted for Chuck. But I love HIMYM, so there went my vote.
And it took me four tries to do the code right, so that's the only time I'm voting!!
Had to vote Castle - Nathan looks adorable!
Supernatural got my vote, but I do love Castle. I have given up on Bones, just got tired of her being so smart and so damn clueless. It got old for me FINALLY. Never cared for HIMYM, but love Alex on Chuck. I would have voted for another The Vampire Diaries cover with Ian Somerhalder, he is almost replacing James as my favorite vampire. If you like a fast paced show, that you can never tell what is going to happen, give it a try.
I love how TVD fans take it upon themselves to shout about the shows quality at every possible situation. I wasn't around back then, but I wonder if the dismissal is similar to what Buffy got.
I accidentally posted twice, so I deleted this one.

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I've tried Vampire Diaries a couple of times, but it just seems too triangle oriented, and with what I'm feeling right now with Buffy Season 8 I just don't want to deal with any more triangles!
Especially since I right away couldn't stand Stefan, and figure he's gonna be the "forever love" character. Enough already!
Jaymii: I agree, it's actually all that shouting about its quality that got me to finally give TVD a chance. At first, I thought it looked like a completely stupid rip off of 'Twilight'( which I loathe). I think the dismissal is somewhat similar, as they are noth vampire related shows with somewhat off-putting names.

VD has some very good writing, acting, anc characterization, but it is more focused on the romance aspect than BTVS was.That said, I think the dismisal of BTVS is different because it was very critically acclaimed but people thought the name sounded dumb or cheesy. VD, on the other hand, is mostly dismissed because it is a 'teen' show and seems like a Twilight rip-off with all the vampire craze that is happening right now. At least that's my impression. I've grown to really like TVD, even though it started off pretty predictable and cliched, it gets better with every episode. However, it doesn't seem to have the depth of metaphor or creativity that BTVS had, so I don't believe it will ever near the quality of Buffy. I wasn't around when BTVS was on either though, since I was 3 when it started, so it'd be interesting to hear the opinion of someone who was.

P.S. I voted for 'Supernatural', since I've never seen more than a few snippets of Castle, Bones, and Chuck, and a few episodes of Smallville, and How I Met Your Mother.
Oh, its definitely hard to compare TVD and Buffy beyond superficial reasons. I find its similarly hard to compare Battlestar Galactica and Lost. They are similar in a lot of ways, yet couldn't be more different. BSG, as with Buffy, tells stories for our world, set in their worlds. Lost is an odd one, because as brilliant as it is, imo, it never comments on anything. It features themes, mythology and characters but only for the context of itself. It's a story unto itself. Buffy (and BSG) is a story that needs us to appreciate it. TVD is like Lost in that its telling a story that context isn't needed. There's some brilliant ideas thrown around, but nothing gets drilled home for a reason other than entertainment.

I think "agenda" is the word I'm looking for; Buffy certainly had one, BSG mostly had one, but Lost and TVD don't seem too.
Voted Bones first, then when I find out you could vote more than once I voted for How I Met Your Mother too. (And maybe I'll go vote for Castle too.)

I have only quite recently come to appreciate Bones. The first time around (years ago) I stopped watching it after a few weeks, dismissing it as repetitive and a 'mere' procedural. But about half a year ago I caught a few glimpses of episodes my brother was watching, got lured in, and since then I've been catching up (and now I only have about two seasons left). It's actually a great show (love the characters) and David is brilliant and lovable.

I've been watching and enjoying How I Met Your Mother and Castle from their respective beginnings. Only watched the pilot of Chuck.
No problem with Chuck winning. I just voted again. But I believe the vote-early-and-often ploy is intended to pump up website hits. You find out who has the best get-out-the-multi-vote machine. I will now gather up my spare hyphens and retreat.

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