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October 24 2010

Dichen Lachman appearing in Hawaii Five-O. You can also meet her in the UK in April, as she has been added as a guest at Echo-2.

I was recently thinking of checking this show out, i'm no longer thinking.
Whedon alums have such a incestuous professional life.

The shows got a Whedon alum regular, James Marsters was in the pilot. Now Dichen...

Makes my head spin trying to keep up with who worked with who post Buffy/Angel/firefly/Dollhouse/Dr. Horrible.

And of course, the reusing of actors from series to series.

Its like the 6 degrees of Buffy.
Kevin Bacon pales in comparison i think, lol
Um incestuous because they're all awesome and everyone knows it.
P.S. Marsters is obviously going to be back on this show.
Plus Daniel Dae Kim is one of the main characters and he was on Angel if memory serves.
Ouch, both Amy and Dichen at Echo-2, dangerous. At least for my economy.

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