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October 25 2010

Xander makes it into the AV Club's most memorable Halloween costumes list. His "Soldier Guy" costume makes it to number 3.

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I think Willow as "ghost of hooker" was far more memorable ;)
I really enjoyed this link. Loved watching some of the clips. Abed's Batman solidified my Community love.
And what a fabulous team of actors they had on Newsradio!
Anya's Bunny outfit and Fiesta!Giles win for me :)
So a guy dressing up as a soldier counts as a memorable costume? Xander actually becoming a soldier from the magic spell was interesting. The costume itself? Not really.

I'd say Anya's bunny costume, Buffy as Little Red Riding Hood or even Oz as 'God' paired with Willow as Joan of Arc were all way more memorable.

I mean, the name for the costume is soldier guy. I doubt it could get more nondescript here (though I'm sure we're all up for trying).
Cordelia as a cat.

Harmony as Milk Girl in the very twisted version of "Death of a Salesman" in "Restless."

Lobster Guy talking to Present Girl in the hall of Willow's dorm. And the tall black guy in blonde drag.

Anya as a Very Special Angel.

Xander as Cool Head Waiter Guy. "As long as I'm cool and wield some kind of power."

But the three best costumes ever on that show would have to be Buffy's debutante gown, Willow as Hooker Ghost and... "It's a sombrero." "Yes, I know what it is. Why is it on your head?"

They should have had more Halloween episodes. They didn't have to alternate them with Christmas - there could've been a Christmas episode and a Halloween episode every year.
Willow's Eskimo, harpoon included.
I was always fond of Oz's nametag.
I miss Nathan Fillon's Captain Mal in Castle, Bones an I'm not sure if the The Big Bang Theory guys as Flash an others were from Hallowenn or just a regular fantasy party.
I think the point they were making wasn't so much the stunning creativity of the costume itself (or lack thereof) but it's overall significance to the series and the character. While the other costumes were certainly stand out, only his had resonance past the episode, leaving him with a skill set upgrade and signifying a major turning point for his character.
@Brasilian Chaos Man, the big bang theory costumes were the result of losing a bet, weren't they?
TBBT Flash costumes were for Comic-Con. They all comically ended up choosing to go as The Flash without consulting one another. I can't remember what the bet losing costumes were.
On TBBT, I really liked Sheldon's costume as The Doppler Effect. :)
TBBT Flash costumes (later Frodo, Robin Hood/Peter Pan, Thor, and Sheldon's awesome Doppler Effect) were for Penny's Halloween party. Later as a result of losing a bet (or possibly a bowling game? All I know is Evil Wil Wheaton was involved) the guys had to dress up as female super heroes.
I thoroughly enjoyed re-watching the posted clip from Third Rock from the Sun's Halloween episode. That show was so wacky & just plain fun!

I thought the idea of Nathan Fillion as Frankenstein on Desperate Housewives was rather a fun costume -- especially when he was delivering the baby! Plus, it brought back great memories of working at the Universal Studios Tour. :)

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