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October 25 2010

"No Ordinary Family" gets full season order. Julie Benz's new show gets picked up on the back end.

I gave up on 'No Ordinary Family after a few episodes, I couldn't stand all the cliches, but good news for Julie! I'm currently watching Dexter for the first time ( I'm on Season 2), so I wish she could have stayed on that show longer. Anyone else still watching this?
I'm still watching, but I'm a bit behind. Shocked that no one's mentioned the upcoming appearance by Amy Acker. I'll watch through at least then.
I've been watching NOF really for Julie. Although I do like Michael Chicklis (I know I spelled that wrong lol) from The Shield in a nice role. I tend to agree with you regarding cliches and predictability but it does look like their could be potential for mystery and character development. It's nice to have something the whole family can watch.
Yeah, I'm thinking of waiting to hear how the show develops, and maybe catching up if it sounds like there's improvement. I'm was watching for Julie as well. I didn't know about that Amy Acker appearance, I'll have to tune in for that. When is it?
I really like all the actors, but the stories have become repetitive and really dull (unfortunately the actors cannot do much to change bad writing) so I've stopped following the show closely (I will definitely tune in for Amy Acker, when is she on now?).
Great actors. Terrible writing.
The only mention I could find that didn't look like blind speculation was this one.

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I've been enjoying the show myself. It's not high art but it's fun. And they do seem to be building up to an interesting arc.

The show's clearly trying to build an audience right now and so isn't moving the plot along too fast. I expect that will change once it hits midseason now that they know they're getting a full order.
Eh...Lots of my favorite shows are probably being canceled and most of my least favorites are being renewed. I liked Julie as Darla (and Rita) but this show is nowhere near my "watch list."

Sad...for Julie and for Community etc
I'm enjoying this show, but only because I think the awesomeness of Greg Berlanti is just managing to outbalance the show-destroying epic suck of Jon Harmon Feldman. How that guy manages to stay in TV is beyond me.
Cast is great, but I think I expect a little more from my tv shows nowadays. It's like I'm watching Bewitched.
I tried this for a few episodes, but have quickly grown tired of the family drama aspects of the show. I'm really happy for Ms. Benz, but I have enough TV to watch that this show is expendable. In fact, I think the only network show that's new this season that I'm still watching is Undercovers (beautiful people, occasionally amusing back-and-forth, decent action), and that show's pretty much on the chopping block.
None of the new network shows have impressed me, but I am blown away by 'Terriers', I think that that is really something special (and hopefully FX is not planning to cancel it).
edit: Sorry for the comment folks, was just trying to be funny and meant no disrespect to anyone. Will keep other comments along the same lines to myself!

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Archon - completely unnecessary and joking or not, not really our bag around here. Consider this your very own "Hey, don't do that."
So last night I had a friend cancel plans to get together and I had a couple hours to kill...hit the DVR and watched the first 2 episodes of the show. I liked it despite all of the predictability and yet another tv show with a blockhead being married to a stunning beauty. (reminds me of Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith.) And they say life imitates art so where's my stunning beauty??? (I've got the blockhead part nailed down)

I think Caroline hit it on the nose, it's like I'm watching Bewitched. I guess they can't all be as amazing as Boardwalk Empire.
Yeah, I found it fun, but not all that engaging. The dialogue could use a bit of rewrite (or maybe suffered from too much rewrite) and I just have too much to do to take the time for shows that are just okay. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to catch up on Terriers :).
Terriers is good, but my favorite cop tv series right now is The Good Guys. To everyone who grown up with the 80's police movies/shows it is an amazing funny trip to all those cliches.

alexreager, If you find your stunning beauty, please, give the directions to mine.
Good Guys == hilarity :).
Yeah, it's great fun. When I first read the synopsis I really couldn't think of anyone less appropriate to play Dan Stark than Bradley Whitford. Turns out this is because the knowing of stuff ? I don't have that. He's brilliant in the part, hilariously over the top but incredibly likeable and the lad Hanks does a great job too (complaining about it seems a bit churlish but if I have one it's that the female characters are underused).

As to 'No Ordinary Family', my main issue with it is every single episode is "A Very Special ...". We all end up learning something by the credits (usually along the lines of "Having either fun or less than totally pure motives is evil") and it feels preachy. Julie's character comes across as a bit of a nag too (not to mention hypocritical since she super-speeds all over the place while moaning at hubby for using his powers). The pilot had a lighter touch and more humour but they seem to have lost that aspect in the episodes since. Pity.

Still, glad for her sake that it's got the season pick-up.

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