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October 25 2010

Dresden Files narrated by James Marsters on iTunes. First two books in the series on sale on iTunes for only $5.95.

James is perfect to voice Harry and these books are increasingly great. Now would be the perfect time to give this series a go.

I started reading the Dresden series recently and was pleasently surprised - an audio book version sounds great :)
I've been meaning to look into the audiobooks. This is a great deal - they're normally $25-30. Fabulous series.
YEESS!! Dreams do come true...
I could see him playing Dresden. Haven't read the books yet, caught the too-soon canceled episodes on Hulu, loved them. Not a huge fan of audio books, but for Mr. Marsters I could make an exception!

...and my iTunes says first and third episodes, and the third is a LOT spendier...second episode is narrated by the author.

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I bought the first book a while ago, but couldn't get used to the audio format, so I didn't finish it. But I might read the books the ordinary way some day, because it seemed decent. However, I think it's definitly worth the money to hear JM do female voices. JM manages to sound believeable, he does the voices well and I can "hear" the characters, but it is still so silly and funny to me to listen to a guy pretending to be a woman (and in several lines in the book, a seductive woman).

This is both fun, and a bit sad, because this means I'm not likely to ever appreciate a audio book the way the author intended it to be appreciated, unless it's read by both men and women.
I have all of these and have listened to them several times. James makes them like a movie playing in my head, different voice and accent for each character and Toot-Toot is so funny. I used to watch the series about once a year, but after I started hearing James as Dresden the TV series is just not as good. He was asked why he would not play Dresden if it was remade and he said he was to short. Heck they change characters all the time, like on TVD, Elena has dark hair, is supposed to be blond and her brother, 15 year old Jeremy is supposed to be a 4 year old girl. I would LOVE to see James play Dresden. All I can say is if you like James, give these books a try they are awesome and I forget that it is read by just James, sounds like a whole cast. Oh and Jim Butcher just gives a forward on one of the books he does not read it.
I've always hated audiobooks, but started listening to these because of James.

The boys voice relaxes me in the loosest of ways, to the point i fall asleep, not from boredom, but, pure relaxation.

its bizarre!
Yet oh so delicious,

Hmm.... "The James Marsters audio bedtime stories for grown up girls"?
...and my iTunes says first and third episodes, and the third is a LOT spendier...second episode is narrated by the author

Yes, the first book is $5.95. The rest are quite a bit more.

None of the books are narrated by the author. James does them all. That's a boo boo on the part of iTunes.
I have all of them (in print and audio). Six dollars is a HUGE deal. I paid something like $20-$40 each! Totally worth it. I've even enjoyed reading along with the audio at times. James does an excellent job reading the stories and he will forever be Dresden in my head (well his voice will anyhow).
I was very excited to have found these on sale. I started the Dresden Files back when JM first started narrating them. Unfortunately, the cost was too prohibitive so I never got the audiobooks. I have been a fan of the actual books, though, ever since.
$6 was really too good to pass up, so I bought both Storm Front and Fool Moon. Here's hoping that they cycle through the rest of the series at $6 each. I really would love to get the latest book, Changes, in audio. I think JM would do wonders with the dark, emotional storyline.
Changes is the only one of the books that I cried listening to James. I am on a permanent waiting list for the new audios coming out. I just cut out a movie and going out to eat to get these, I have listened to each one several times. I keep them in my truck instead of using the radio, they calm me down. I do have a lead foot and James voice makes me not care if a light turns red, I can listen to him and relax. So Heather I do know what you mean, he is just so cool, calm and totally Not only is James Marsters Spike, but to me he IS Harry Dresden.
I'm a sucker for audiobooks. They're great to listen while walking. With them I was abble "read" all Sookie Stackhouse's series (the narrator accent is very good), The Vampire Diaries (It's terrible, not the audio, but the story itself), Vampire Academy and now House of Night.

The only Buffy book in this format, Immortal, had some problems with Charisma Carpenter's not so good narration and a lit bit worst accents.

I never heard of Dresden Files, but going a little more off topic, did anyone know if The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was narrated by a British (it's more difficult to my weak Englis understand the Brits) and if the book itself has many slangs. Because, if so, I would search for a Portuguese version.

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