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October 26 2010

Ultimate Joss Whedon! SFX are looking for help in creating the Ultimate Joss Whedon show.

Erug, the description made me think this was something else.

Interesting thing, though. Voted! Though, my ultimate show consisted mostly of Angel characters.
my "ultimate" show apparently (well, that's how I voted) has: Buffy, River, Zoe, Wash, Spike, Inara, Topher, Dawn and Adelle. All aboard Serenity. Where can I watch it?
The best Hard Man (tee hee) is a woman.

Also, I'm having the toughest time choosing Morally Dubious Businessperson. Wilkins, Lilah, and Adelle are all amazing, though I'm not sure I'd call Wilkins "Morally Dubious," despite his affection for Faith.

FWIW, my U.W.S. has Mal, Anya, Zoe, Oz, Spike, Inara, Rupert, Dawn (not because I like either Connor or Dawn much, but she's easier on the eyes), and Adelle at the Hyperion.
(Three for Serenity, four (and half)* for Buffy, (half)* for Angel, and one for Dollhouse.)


Interesting how I feel Angel is superior to Buffy but more favorite characters come from Buffy than Angel.

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I wanted to vote for the Bronze. :(
River and Whisky "kookie chicks"?? These things are usually fun, but that's where I quit.
patxshand, I thought it was something else too...

If you're not familiar with Marvel Comics, about 15 years ago Marvel decided it would be a good idea to "re-do" their main superhero storylines to be retold in current times (I guess the 60's is too removed for today's readers) They called it "Ultimate ______" for whichever story they were about to destroy continuity re-tell. For example, Ultimate Spiderman had Peter Parker bit by that radioactive spider again in the late 90s. The series has been extremely popular (they've done Spiderman, Daredevil, FF, Hulk, Wolverine, etc.).

So I was thinking this was somehow "restarting" Joss Whedon's life in current times...A younger and hipper Joss Whedon would be in the drivers seat. He probably raps. And Miley Cyrus is Buffy and Shia LaBeouf is Angel. (I wonder who would play Joss?)

This is what "Ultimate Joss Whedon" conjured in my brain.
what's a boffin? Never heard that before, although I can kind of guess by the choices.
@Xane - from Wiki: "In the slang of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa, boffins are scientists, medical doctors, engineers, and other people engaged in technical or scientific research."

Anyway, we already had the Ultimate Joss Whedon Show. They even made a movie out of it. ;p
@alexreager : Enver could totally play Joss ;)
But that's cheating The little asian! Enver could play a convincing Cordelia if he wanted to.
Don't have to mix 'n match. Television had it's 'ultimate' Joss show, believe it was called Firefly.
River and Whisky "kookie chicks"?? These things are usually fun, but that's where I quit.

Shey, what's your issue here? River is the definition of a "kooky chick." It's odder that Kaylee and Willow are in that category.
Enver, Enver, Enver, Enver, Enver, Enver, Enver, Enver, Enver, aboard the Enver. The man's so talented that not only could he play every character... he could play a spaceship.
Hmmm, apparently my "Ultimate Joss Whedon" is just Buffy in space...
The Adventures of Bicks, Rogue Handler.
"Best Whedon Kooky Chick"? Bahahahahaha!
I think I just put together a show that could be titled "Lorne and the Ladies." It would feature Buffy and River doing the Good Cop/Insane Cop routine with Zoe as their wisecracking sidekick. Adelle and Giles would spar over tactics. Spike would constantly complain about being surrounded by women and serve his essential purpose of cutting through the crap. Lorne and Inara would preside, however, sipping glamorous drinks and looking fabulous. While fighting crime.

You know Lorne and Inara would be best friends.

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Ultimate Joss Whedon show?

It's been done already.
Even as a big Dollhouse fan, I surprised myself with the amount of DH answers I gave. The show was rough in places, but had a freaking amazing set of characters. Wow. I feel a bit bad for Buffy now... :p
Mal, Willow, Zoe, Xander, Spike, Inara, Giles, Dawn, Lilah, Serenity.

Sorry Dollhouse. ;)
This sort of makes me think of a Whedon-themed Clue board game. "Zoe killed Lorne at the D.C. Dollhouse with Mr. Pointy".

And now I *really* want Joss Whedon's Clue
I have increasingly less patience for people who can't spell Wesley's name right. Just my two cents.
Buffy and Mal are married (fell in love after she mistook him for someone else and tried to scythe him in two), and are on Serenity with the whole crew, Wash included. Willow and Inara are together on Persephone, bringing class to the locals (and Magick!), and are on many, many episodes. Dr. Horrible fled Earth after killing Penny (but wait, didn't Capt. Hammer actually pull the trigger?...) and took over Mr. Universe's operation, but, oddly, refuses to speak to Mal. Xander and Angel are co-operatives in charge of the Slayer force on Earth. Giles pops up now and then.

That's just a sketchy outline, but it makes me very happy.
Simon, that video...does it have its own post? Can it get one? Because it seems like Season 8, only with River. And the Fang Gang. And a logical story structure...

P.S. I'm pretty sure my show ended up being Angel, Willow, Xander, and Giles take control of the Wolfram and Hart offices, only to be confronted with Inara's shuttle crashlanding in LA with Jayne on board. OK, so that sounds kind of insane.
I went with Buffy, Anya, Zoe, Wash, Spike, Sierra, Topher, Conner, Mayor Wilkins, Serenity.

Which gave me 4 votes for Buffy, 3 for Firefly, 2 for Dollhouse, and 1 for Angel. Those catagories were too hard for me to think about it. I never would have made a choice, so I just went with my gut.

Also, I would have easily picked Victor over any other character (except Spike), though. Because Enver's acting is just that fantastic.

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Best Kooky Gal, River Tam??

Well, I didn't vote for River but I did vote for two characters from Dollhouse in categories to see what might happen. Alpha, What Ho!
Buffy, Spike, Anya, Giles, Xander (though I love Wash, Oz and Lorne as well) Cordelia, Dawn, Lilah, and the Hyperian. But it was so hard to choose between Gunn and Jayne, I'm not even sure who I voted for. Love Gunn, but I've become a huge Adam Baldwin fan since Chuck so have new appreciation for Jayne.

By kooky, I assume they meant funny, like the female version of joker-in-the-pack.

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The anti-heroes section was a bit annoying cus I didn't really want to choose Spike but I didn't want any of the others either.

Anyway I picked Buffy, Willow, Giles, Dawn, Spike, Mayor Wilkins, Sierra, Zoe and Wash all in Serenity. I guess like yellowcrayon mine is mainly Buffy in space....
Mal, Anya, Jayne, Xander, Spike, Cordelia, Giles, Dawn, Mayor Wilkins, Serenity.

That second poll had a particularly strong field (Willow, Fred, Anya, Kaylee and River!) Though the hero and joker fields were pretty though too.
Billy/Dr. Horrible should have been an option in the Boffin category! (or alternatively the anti-hero one)


So that makes:

Angel & Buffy: 2
Buffy: 5
Dollhouse: 0
Firefly: 3

That's a little less Angel than I'd expected. Angel, Fred and Wesley all we very close to making the cut though. Same goes for Kaylee, Wash and Simon, though I suppose considering its short lenght Firefly was already presented pretty well. Didn't really like Dollhouse (haven't even watched the last 6/7 eps yet), but I did came very close to voting for Adelle and Topher, two great characters.

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"River and Whisky "kookie chicks"?? These things are usually fun, but that's where I quit.

Shey, what's your issue here? River is the definition of a "kooky chick." It's odder that Kaylee and Willow are in that category.
Invisible Green | October 26, 15:50 CET

My issue is a feminist cringing at classifying a kick ass female hero and a tragic victim as "kooky chicks". I known it's all in good fun, but that just really ticked me off.
Echo, River, Zoe, Wash, Alpha, Sierra, Wesley, Dawn, and Adelle the Dollhouse.

Premise: Time travel. Mind imprints. Ghosts? Adelle DeWitt is the resident General of the Dollhouse resistance: Echo is still our number one active, Sierra is her kickass and very pregnant best friend, and Dawn is a survivor who made her way from Berkeley to LA years before Mag did. Alpha has time traveled after finding the remains of a Firefly class transport ship and returns to our timeline with Zoe, River, and a Wash imprint. In a shocking reveal, the ghost of Wesley is the pawn of Rossum's favorite law firm, Wolfram and Hart, and not only because of his uncanny resemblance to President Perrin.

That's a whole nother apocalypse just begging to happen. Watch more to find out how Clyde 2.0 and Boyd Langton had the first plans for the Union of Allied Planets.

Dollhouse: 5
Firefly: 2
Angel: 1

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Shey, exactly why I questioned the kooky thing. It didn't tick me off, but it's very weird to lump them into that category, particularly River.
To be fair, the poll started with the disclaimer "We've separated the main characters from each show into roughly (sometimes very roughly) similar character tropes". River may not exactly fit the kooky chic stereotype, but it fits better than any other catagory. And they couldn't just leave her out. Imagine the backlash that would have caused.
Buffy, Fred, Ballard, Wash, Spike, Inara, Giles, and Lilah at the Dollhouse.

Then they will use the chair to create the following imprints that they'll wear interchangeably: Angel, Echo, Willow, Anya, Oz, Lorne, Doyle, Lindsey, Alpha, Wesley, Simon, Topher, Badger, Adelle, Tara, Holtz, Holland Manners, and Numfar.

Pesky teenagers are not allowed. Even though they can come handy for the imprints, I am not willing to tolerate their actual selves on my perfect show.

The totals*, with imprint including counts in parenthesis:

Buffy - 3 (7)
Angel - 2 (9)
Dollhouse - 2 (7) **
Firefly - 2 (4)

* I counted characters who appeared in both Buffy and Angel
only once - for the show they they appeared in the most

** Dollhouse counts include location.
Simon, that video...does it have its own post?

It got posted about 4 years ago.
River may not exactly fit the kooky chic stereotype, but it fits better than any other catagory. And they couldn't just leave her out. Imagine the backlash that would have caused.

They could've put her in the "People named River Tam" category. It would make it an easy choice, too.
I REALLY like that idea for a Whedon Clue game, narse!

As for this poll, I'm not sure that I'll vote in it, as some of the choices are tough; but a first-thought look has me going mostly with BtVS characters (well, it's her development on "Angel" which would get Cordelia my vote), along with perhaps Book (that's a tough category), and Serenity.

I agree with BreathesStory that the Bronze might have been a good option; I would've liked to see the Magic Box, as well. And maybe the Summers house, Giles' flat... hmm, BtVS had many memorable locations. I was definitely glad to see the Hyperion make it - that one could almost challenge Serenity for my vote. Too bad the ol' Firefly-class ship isn't in a separate category for vehicles. We could have Spike's blacked-out ride; Angel's convertable; Oz's van; Gunn's "I-sold-my-soul-for-this-"truck; maybe the Mule (v.1 or 2?); maybe a Dollhouse non-descript black van; "Spike's" winnebago; ... Clem's VW bug?

ETF: too many "van"s

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