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October 26 2010

(SPOILER) James Marsters to Reprise "Hawaii Five-O" Role. Also posted on James's Facebook page.

There's one thing any James fan knows. If they haven't found the body...he'll be back! Can't wait to see more of my favorite Irish terrorist.
The headline itself is pretty much a spoiler.
Yeah, doesn't seem like there's a good way to phrase it so that it's both newsy and spoiler-free, though.

Speaking of which, is this show worth watching? I love me some DDK and Grace Park, though not enough for either to watch a mediocre show. Is it good stuff, or are we all tuning in for the Whedon connections?
I watch this show now and then, not weekly. Certainly you could spend an hour or two checking it out and not feel that you wasted your time. It's a procedural. The location photography is spectacular. Acting is competent, dialogue not bad. Music is nothing special. The writing is mostly a collection of familiar tropes, but occasionally they do something interesting with the local color.
Should you watch this show?

I love it - It's my ONLY "must see" TV this fall. Though I'm not a fan of cop shows or procedurals - I love character driven stories and I LOVE these characters. Steve McGarrett and Danno remind me of Spike & Angel (AtS S5) - and they keep me in stitches. I'd encourage you to check it out.
Sorry. Did not know how to post the news without the obvious spoiler - but there are other spoilers in the report that people might not want to see.

I like the cast of the show - with Scott Caan outacting all the genre-y favorites. It has some great guest appearances every week that are also amusing; but it's not really my kind of show. It's just something to watch when nothing else is on.
I just wish they would decide which of Dano's legs is hurt and quit changing the cane from side to side. I enjoy the show, the scenery is awesome and love when 2 of my favorite vamps are in the show Not even close to being my favorite show, but I DVR it every week.
Resurrected again, huh? Marsters' characters never say die. Well, at least, they never let that be the last word.
Spike should never lose to Micky St John.
Re James: No one has done so many great death scenes, whithout having to actually die.
This week's surfer ash-scattering ceremony was beautiful.
A propos that, R.I.P. the original Dan-o.
Every time I see Caan I get flashbacks of a movie he did with Jennifer Aniston. He was such a jerk that I need to have the memory professionally erased.
That sounds like money worth spending ;).

The show's pretty, Caan's good, Alex O'Loughlin either plays "wooden/uptight" to a very high standard or is just wooden, can't decide, some of the chemistry is pretty decent. By and large it's not particularly special though, it's like a million other shows of its ilk and there've been some incredibly clumsy lines. So it'll probably run until Scott Caan actually needs a cane ;).

May watch it when JM comes back but for now i've stopped.

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