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December 14 2003

Darla interview. Julie Benz and husband chat to the BBC Cult site.

It would be great see Darla in season 5, no idea how they would work it in.

"What sort of challenges did playing Darla throw up?"

Interesting choice of words.
I would've kept watching Coupling just to see her but I never watched more than the first episode and it was quickly cancelled after that. I loved her singing voice - thought she had a very sweet voice. And having had two pregnancies, I bet having to wear a leotard stuffed with pillows would be a bit more comfortable than the actual pregnancies were!!

I would love to see her back on Angel. I think it would've been a nice twist if when Angel gave Connor a new life with a new family, that Darla was the mother. It would've been nice for both of them to have gotten that chance to final live a real life.

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Kinda a side note on Julie - she was in Nashville over Halloween weekend at a convention and told the story of how being on Angel aloud her to get a job with Steven Spielberg. It seems Steven watches Angel with his kids and saw the episode Darla and he was so struck by her performance that he had his people call her people and offer her a job in his next movie Minority Report. At first she thought her agent was joking but when he finally convince her it had happened she was stunned but she couldn't do the film because she already was scheduled to do another movie and could not get out of the contract. She said she was devistated and thought she had lost her chance to work with Steven S but his people called back and ask her if she would be availible to work on this other project he was going to do which was the mini-series Taken. She jumped at it and said yes even before she knew anything about it except the title.

Only wish she could leverage her new friendship to get Steven to make a guest appearance on Angel - I could just see him and Lorne trying to hammer out a movie deal like a sequel to ET - it would be to funny. :)
Apparently Spielberg liked other actors from the shows as well. According to IMDB, Amber Benson was in one of the episodes of Taken, and I know the guy that played Parker, Adam Kaufman, is in it. I knew Julie Benz was going to be in it.

This is one of those mini-series that I always intended to watch, but didn't realize it was on until it was a few episodes in. Maybe I'll rent the DVDs one day.
I watched 'Taken' cause I loved 'Band of Brothers' but gave up half way as it turned into a very sub par Dark Skies/X-Files rip off.

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