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October 26 2010

Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale to be released Nov 3rd. According to Dark Horse's site the release date is now next week.

:( Was so looking forward to reading it sooner than later.
Homina homina homina!!
Convenient timing. Means we get Buffy 38 and this on the same day. Saves me a trip...though it'll be a less pleasant price total. Worth it? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Thank goodness this was posted early and I didn't drive out of my way to buy nothing.

When's that release date for Zack's Terminator again?
Issue #2 of Terminator 1984 came today. Also, the Angel comic came out so, you know, there's stuff to buy.
Since it's a hardback, does that mean no advertisements in this one? I was really disappointed when I got my hands on Float Out and it was 1/3rd ads and barely over 20 pages of actual story.
I think I peed myself a little.
guardian_owl, I wouldn't expect any ads to be in the hardcover.
*pencils Nov 3rd into calender*


*"pencils" 'Buy calender' into "calender" so he can pencil Nov 3rd in*

Reckon they could've released it a couple of days later though, I already remember(,remember) the 5th of November. Would've been easier.
Just as long as it isn't pushed back again.
Dropped "Angel" after S6 -- didn't care for the writing or art afterward (and some have pointed out it's been basically going nowhere anyway, plus it's tying into BTVS's going's on -- which I have ZERO interest in).

And BTVS S8 has been so crummy that I can't even sell the issues I bought before stopping. At this point, the trash can is looking pretty darn nice, as over two years later of trying to part with them and I'm getting tired of them.

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