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October 27 2010

Five days with the Alien Anthology: Day Four. In light of the recent Blu-Ray release, Bleeding Cool revisits Joss' Alien: Resurrection and calls it "the secret weapon of the series."

I thought that Alien: Resurrection was one of the worst films that I ever saw. At least until I saw AvP.
Probably a bad thing to say on a Whedon site, but I'm glad to see this film getting a little more praise then it generally does. It isn't a brilliant film (and the review seems to be a little too hyperbolic on the quality,) but I agree it is a better film then Alien3 by a fair margin.
I didn't see any of the Alien movies until a few years ago (I'm a very late-blooming geek!) but I didn't hate Resurrection. I'd be lying if I said it was perfect, but I think it gets a lot of undeserved loathing. It had a lot of potential and some very interesting turns in it, and even if they never really paid off, I always like a film that tries big and fails rather than just going through the motions. Must be why I'm still a Luc Besson fan...
It's the only movie I've ever walked of. I was so disappointed when it came out in the cinema. But I saw it a couple of years on DVD and it's not that bad. Not great but not bad.
I think that if you spliced from just before Ripley falls through the floor, to the end scenes with Winona Ryder's character ó just have one of them say "Boy, that was weird! What was that about?" ó you have a pretty good, eery, suspenseful movie.
The only movie I've ever walked out of was "Alien 3." In "Resurrection," I thought Sigorney Weaver was brilliant as a hybrid, Winona Ryder was clunky, and the rest of the cast seemed to be in an entirely different movie altogether. Eh, I've seen worse.
At least Resurrection isn't the worst of the series (I'm looking at you, Alien 3).
Itís a matter of record that Joss Whedon, the filmís screenwriter isnít too pleased with the outcome, and I think that fact has played some serious part in spreading the negative feelings that surround the picture.

No, that'd be the laughable pumpkin-baby-gone-wrong-thing and the weak ending. I agree with the gist though, some of the stuff before that was pretty decent IMO (particularly Weaver as alien/Ripley mesh).

'Alien 3' had its moments but it literally lost me at the start credits (cos really ? That's how "those characters" die after everything that happens in the second film ?). The start particularly suffered for me because I saw 3 at the tail end of an 'Alien(s)' marathon at the local cinema so a) i'd just seen 'Aliens' and so felt even more aggrieved than I might've at the treatment of "those characters" and b) my arse was killing me ;).
I read what appeared to be a transcript of an early draft of the screenplay, yesterday. It wasn't bad. It seemed a bit unpolished in places and contained some terrible science, but it showed a lot of potential and had some great moments and character interactions. I will probably watch the movie today, not expecting much.
Alright, I watched it. It was watchable, but it was a bit cartoony at times, and the ending was absolute garbage (huge deviation from the script, which had a good but probably more expensive ending). The movie had some good production design though, with the possible exception of the queen and the newborn, both of which looked a bit silly.

Looking expecially at the third act, I think I can figure out why Joss got so upset about this movie. He spent the whole screenplay building up to a huge fight between Ripley and the Newborn, and it wasn't even used, making all the building up to it more or less pointless.
There were about 4 or 5 endings in script form apparently, the one i've seen is the one that comes with the quadrilogy box set and was (I think) the last one Joss wrote himself and featured a big fight after they land on Earth and involved a combine harvester sort of thing. To be honest, I didn't think all that highly of that one either but it was better than the one we ended up with, fer sure.

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