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October 27 2010

Ausiello reports that Syfy has cancelled Caprica. The final episodes have been rescheduled to air sometime in the first quarter of 2011.

I was just about to post this.

Why do all the good shows always get cancelled!!!! Frak SyFy is all i can say right now.

Then again, I shouldn't be surprised ... it's currently my favorite thing on TV, so I should've expected it to be cancelled. And I knew the ratings weren't great. All the same ... damn.
Sigh. I hate investing my time in things that go away.

First my wife, and now this :(
It's yet to make it all the way down here to NZ, but I've heard good things! Given that Dollhouse has only begun it's first run here, we may never see Caprica...sigh....
And yesterday's episode was so good....
I can't believe this happened.
Depressed now.

It was one of my favorite shows. Why can't more people have my taste in television?
I'm not too surprised, since they announced the other BSG spin-off. :(
Apparently Syfy is doing another BSG prequel that sounds much more interesting - it's supposed to be set during the first Cylon war. You can bet that Jane is going to be involved. She's as much a part of this franchise as is Moore, imo. I'd be really shocked if she wasn't involved in some capacity.
it never stops hurting when they cancel a good show.
damn, I love this show. it's awesome. and it's actually fairly decent television. there's barely any genre on tv, let alone any good one.
this really sucks. and shelving the episodes makes it worse.
Dammit. Sorry to everyone involved.
This is sad news. I suppose people wanted it to be like BSG, when the show really tried to stand on its own. It doesn't seem like they'll get a chance to wrap up the story like Dollhouse did...
I'm so upset over this. What's worse is that they're not even letting the last episodes air as originally scheduled. What's up with that? Just let them air.
Yeah, as soon as I heard that the Cylon war webisodes were promoted to a pilot, I knew Caprica is done for. What is going to bring more ratings on SyFy - show where people and robots run around shooting guns or one that ponders philosophical implications of (and reasons for) inventing eternal life? Too bad I am more into the later. I will check out the new spin-off, however.
Argh, another amazing show was canceled? Caprica was one of the best science fiction shows currently on television.
Apparently, the Sy Fy network has something against Sci Fi. The weird thing is everybody I know, at least where I work, watch the show regularly.
Gods dammit. I haven't watched any of the new episodes yet, but I was really really enjoying the show before it went on break. It had some growing pains, but it quickly became a very well realized scifi world. I loved what the show was trying to do, and will sorely miss it. :-( This is terrible news.
I'm very sorry to hear this, and surprised to hear it (I thought that SyFy was not so quick to cancel things). But evidently they are pinning their hopes on this other prequel to BSG being more popular? We shall see.
As bummed as I am for everyone involved (mostly Jane) I could not get into the show. Tried for 4 or 5 episodes and it never did grab me. Sad for all you guys that are fans though :(
Yeah Bobathin, the last two new episodes actually, blew my socks off. I am about to cry Bitter Tears.

My condolences to every artist who worked on this fascinating show, including Jane and James. Thank you all for everything you put into it.
Add another network that Joss Whedon should stay away from.
Sad! I was really into this show, especially the stuff with New Cap City. And not even showing the final episodes? Sometimes I wonder why I bother getting invested anymore. Given how intelligent Caprica was, I should have known....
Buggering bugger. Caprica was initially more of a mixed bag, but I thought it was vastly improved and improving. Balls.

The only show left on SyFy I'll watch is Warehouse 13, which is surface-y fun. Oh, and I guess occasionally a Sanctuary episode now and again. Never quite got into Eureka for some reason...

They otherwise so *fill* their airwaves with wrestling, horror, ghost-hunting, and other stuff, they should change their name again from SyFy to WhatEver.
Frak. Godsdamn.

It's official: I am way too good at liking shows no one watches.
Well not only is it the ratings, but Caprica's other problem was going to be costs. Unlike Dollhouse that was made on the cheap, I can't imagine the likes of Stoltz and Morales charging so little that the ratings weren't going to need to be higher than the average show.

That said, I find it interesting that Caprica was cancelled immediately without trying to bounce it back to Friday. That may not bode well for SGU which is also in a world of ratings hurt, namely because like Caprica it's not extremely escapist either (although it has started tracking back in that direction.)

And now for the overnights breakdown...

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And not even showing the final episodes?

They are, just not until next year.
But airing them next year makes even less sense because the ratings will be even lower by makes more sense to just pump them out.
Exactly. We just waited how long for the new season to start, six months!!? And now they cancel the show and we have to wait (possibly until Sci-Fi Hell freezes over) just to see the rest of the season? Frak that, and them. Sorry Mods - I can't help it.

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My guess is that they'll burn them off in January or sometime between the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 TV seasons.
They're not even airing the final episodes until next year? Those gorram bastards!
And thanks to the bizarre way SyFy stretches out one season's airings to long past when production has ceased, there's no opportunity for the show to be written a good ending.

...Unless somehow Blood & Chrome (what a horrible title btw) has an hour-long flashback episode!
They are, just not until next year.

I know, that was inaccurately worded.

It just seems illogical. If they're not getting ratings now, how are they going to get viewers in when they know that the show is already dead in the water? I don't follow the ratings, so maybe I'm completely off base, but why not just finish it off while they've got momentum? It's not like they'll be putting much into promoting it when they do air the rest.

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November is a sweeps month, yes? I imagine that's a big factor...
Frakitty frak! Of course they did, I should have expected this! I seriously started watching the show LAST NIGHT!!! And I was really enjoying it too :( Here's hoping the other prequel is wonderful. I want this franchise to end about as much as I want the Buffy 'verse to, which is to say not until they've done everything they can with it.
Once again Syfy has not been able to live up to its own catch phrase.
Just wondering if this is going to be a common posting at this time every year.

First Terminator, then Dollhouse and now Caprica... Whats next?
But good news everyone,"Wildcats" got picked up for another season!!! /sarcasm
: <

I was, however, happy to hear that Bored to Death is going to get a third season - I like that odd little show. Plus, I can watch it on OnDemand, so, you know, sans commercialus interruptus.
We're going to have to face up to some harsh facts - every time a quality science fiction show is canceled early, the less likely it will be that other quality science fiction shows would be picked up by a network. Is science fiction as a television trope dying?
Well, AMC's got "The Walking Dead," which is sort of sci-fi, although from personal experience, I suspect there may actually be dead people roaming around ...
Small bit of semantics here everyone but the channel's name is spelled Syfy, not SyFy. Check their own press releases.

As for the cancellation of "Caprica", I'm dismayed, as I just caught up with the first half of Season One and now I have the rest of the episodes on my DVR waiting to be watched.

To finish, or not to finish...that is the question. I think I will.
How bad were the ratings for the second half of this season?
I was, however, happy to hear that Bored to Death is going to get a third season - I like that odd little show. Plus, I can watch it on OnDemand, so, you know, sans commercialus interruptus.

QuoterGal | October 28, 06:29 CET

Bored to Death is on HBO. Which also has no commercials. Unless you were referring to waiting until it was in syndication, which seems odd. ;)

On topic, I just, and I mean just, expressed my appreciation for the show earlier today. Sigh. An intelligent sci fi show that's actually about something? I shouldn't be surprised, really. I also just had a conversation with someone this evening commiserating about the cancellation of Firefly. I give up.

No I don't. But I wanna. :(

I saw most weeks 18-49 at the 0.2 mark.
Well, that's just great! I was going to start watching it next week, and this amazing news happens.

Ugh! How can I enjoy watching it knowing that I won't be enjoying it for very long?

Everyone was recommending it and I was really excited to see James in this new role... this blows.
The ratings were the issue. They were down down down. I believe it was cables lowest rated show, tied with Terriers and Rubicon.
Ahh no offence to anyone here, and I know there are great Whedon Alums involved in this show...
But COME ON! The show was so bad it was bordering on 'insanely' bad. I thought we all had a higher standard than to be upset that something so badly thought-out, badly written and totally off-base to what BSG fans wanted, was cancelled.
guidedby: Bored to Death is on HBO. Which also has no commercials.

Totally spaced on that, guidedby. I get so thrilled with OnDemandhood apparently I attribute it to shows that don't even need it.
Damn. I was really enjoying Caprica. The new BSG prequel doesn't sound nearly as interesting as Caprica has turned out to be. Damn.
Beren77, I remember somebody posting almost word for word what you posted there about Firefly when it got cancelled.
I've been keeping an eye on Facebook comments on the Caprica page. Hundreds of people complaining: 'too much talking', 'too much religion', 'we want action', 'where are the toasters?'.

Sigh. Is there another dimension I can move to where shows like Caprica and Rubicon are big hits? Why is scifi about CGI for these viewers?

No problem. I sometimes forget what channels shows are on cause I DVR everything, so I don't really need to know. Also forgot to say--I like Bored to Death too. It's one of the few shows on HBO which doesn't really need to be. They don't swear, and there's no real sex or violence. It's a rather fun show.

And Caroline--if you find that Caprica and Rubicon loving dimension, let me know? I'll join you. I just hope they like Terriers there too, as that show's ratings are just as bad and I like it just as much, if not more.
This was a poor quality show. And it's proof that simply because the writers think they are producing something worthy and weighty, propped up by pensive music, a palette of neutral colours, and lofty themes, it doesn't necessarily mean that audience will enjoy it. And that doesn't make the audience stupid. The writers of Battlestar shot themselves in the foot when everything was explained- we all know how the cylon war goes down, and how they are created. What held Battlestar up was the interaction with cylons, the fighting and the space ships. Ultimately, what held it back was everything that they decided to cram into Caprica. Caprica felt like an attempt to justify all the religious stuff that people thought was nonsense in Battlestar.
I only watched the pilot and thought it was pretty awful. I loved BSG but this was not a show that had anything to do with BSG in my mind, they took some characters and a universe I loved and then messed about with it. It's a shame they're doing some more extra stuff too now, why can't people just leave a good series alone for Frak's sake.
Buggering bugger.

I'll see that and raise you a bloody buggeration QG ;).

That may not bode well for SGU which is also in a world of ratings hurt, namely because like Caprica it's not extremely escapist either (although it has started tracking back in that direction.)

Not really seeing it myself azzers, what aspects do you feel are tracking back in that direction ? They're still largely lying to each other or themselves (or both), motivations are often murky, stories often revolve around characters rather than action, alien encounters have been darker and more realistic and so on. SGU's failed if its aim was to become "the next BSG" but it's definitely not what i'd call escapist sci-fi (the "weekly adventure" element is dialled right back for instance). Patchy IMO but i'd miss it if it went.

Sigh. Is there another dimension I can move to where shows like Caprica and Rubicon are big hits? Why is scifi about CGI for these viewers?

There sure is Caroline. Downside, it's in my head so you'll be a bit cramped and i'll be dead but y'know, rough with the smooth and all that ;).

Anyway, at least this means Sci-Fi can squeeze in more wrestling and Ghosthunters.
I've been predicting this, Syfy sucks. What's up with all the paranormal "reality" shows and wrestling, for gods' sake??

Now someone above said that Rubicon is one of the other lowest rated shoes on right now, so it will probably be next to go - if the ratings are that bad, probably not even AMC will give it a chance.

I don't watch that much TV & tend to forget sometimes just how little there is that's really worth watching. And how rare it is for something really good to not get canceled early.
Here's a question. How much did Syfy (got it right jason.cinema), actually it should be the your-name-is MUD channel, do to promote Caprica. I don't remember any ads, trailers, or publicity of any sort unless I was actually tuned in to that channel. Rather like the poor (and weird) publicity for Dollhouse, Caprica was left to languish; I guess the channel, not even a network, was hoping people would remember to keep watching after the six-monthhiatus??
My two cents. I never watched BSG but I really wanted to love Caprica. It had James and Jane and a lot of interesting ideas. Too many maybe. I even went to the Universal event.
Bottom line, I couldn't root for anyone. The characters I started to root for, turned out to be awful people. There wasn't anyone in the show that you could identify as the "good guy." The show was populated by murderers and terrorists. Religious terrorists no less. It was a feel bad show. Again, some fascinating ideas, great acting, gorgeous visuals, but I hated everybody by the final episodes.
I thought Caprica had the potential to be even better than Battlestar Galactica and to some extent I still do.

but I hated everybody by the final episodes.

I was like that with BSG, couldn't stand the characters but I watched the show religiously for the drama and story lines.
I admit I've been hot and cold on Caprica, but there was just so much *potential* it was worth coming back and back. Then the last episode was so good I just got excited about it again. And now...well, at least I can still look forward to the final episodes.
I thought Caprica had the potential to be even better than Battlestar Galactica and to some extent I still do.

I think that potential's been somewhat curtailed by being cancelled though ;).

(always assuming this is actually true of course, though Ausiello's generally fairly reliable)

ETA: Ignore the parenthetical comment, that's the sort of gibberish that comes from just reading the headline and not the linked article. For shame me, for shame.

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I admit I've been hot and cold on Caprica

As was I. The mid-season premiere I found to be a mess. But then the two after that felt more grounded. Haven't seen this week's yet. In the main, I never felt the characters were people. They played for me like chess pieces being moved about with no concern for consistent motivation.
Saje, Jane Espenson confirmed the cancelation in her twitterings, but she didn't know whether or not the remaining episodes would be aired. In fact I would assume that no matter what they say about airing the episodes later (we've heard that before on other shows but too often it isn't true) will depend upon whether they think it will be a good warm up for the other/newer prequel to BSG.

All too often people accuse a show of being badly written when they really mean it isn't exciting enough (not enough fighting and car chases?). It is definitely true that Caprica is wordy, but I find the politics to be the really interesting part of the show. In fact I would kind of compare it to 'Babylon 5' which was much more of a political intrigue than an action show.
I think one can enjoy "Caprica" if one views it as a miniseries. I loved "Dead Set," and that's five episodes long. We (most of us) love "Firefly," which had fewer episodes than "Caprica." I'm guessing (perhaps incorrectly) that the season-ender of "Caprica" was probably written to serve as a series ender in case something like this happened. And Syfy eventually runs everything they make, so I do expect the rest of "Caprica" to air (just not during sweeps).
I think that potential's been somewhat curtailed by being cancelled though ;).

I haven't seen the second half yet cause Sky One haven't aired the episodes. Which makes me wonder if that broadcaster knew that the show was going to get cancelled well in advance of today.
One funny thing out of all this--some of the folks in the article comments pointed out how it said that they'll be airing the "FINAL FIVE" episodes later. (I guess this doesn't make sense if you haven't seen BSG, but LOL anyway.)
Science fiction is about ideas. That's what Syfy and its ilk don't get. The best sci-fi has always been intellectual and human, set against the backdrop of technology. The exploration of how humanity fits into that framework, how it came to be, where it's going, is what makes it interesting. Not the aforementioned car chases, explosions, and wars. Caprica gripped me like nothing had in a long time.
Tonya J, I agree. Reminds me of what Ron Moore said recently in a Wired interview at BSG:The Exhibition at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle:

"...I wanted to make a show that took science fiction back to what it used to really be all about. Science fiction used to be a way to explore society. It was always about today, where the author was at that moment, and took the science fiction prism and altered certain things, [giving] a distance to the audience to examine interesting questions. Questions of morality, existential questions, where are we going as a people, what is technology doing to us, how is the human condition going to change?

I felt that science fiction, especially film science fiction, had gotten away from that. It had become almost solely an escapist medium. And there’s nothing wrong with escapism -- I love Star Wars as much as anybody. However, it shouldn’t be the only flavour of this genre. There should be room for the shows that are about examining issues, really challenging the audience, pushing the audience in directions that they may not be comfortable with. I thought, if ever there was a moment to do that, it was at that moment of doing Battlestar Galactica."

maybe if syfy didn't make as many of those silly original movies such as stonehenge apocalypse it could afford more shows like caprica.

and Tonya J, I agree with everything you just said.
Quacky, thank you for the Wired interview link. I was just thinking along the same lines and question if the original Star Trek series, which did address issues of race, religion, and politics, would succeed today.
The original Star Trek got cancelled.

The Syfy original movies are the reason why they can afford to make Caprica in the first place. I'm not kidding. Something like 5 times as many people watched Stonehenge Apocalypse than watched Caprica; and viewers is what pays the bills.

I actually liked Caprica, but I didn't really love it. I'm still not sure what the plot of the show was. I don't mean I didn't understand it; I just wasn't sure why I was supposed to care.
You're supposed to care because Caprican society mirrors our own society. It taps into the post-9/11 Western world, terrorism, prejudice (Taurons), religious extremism, the decadence as a result of the internet (V-Club), etc...
Frak. Trying to catch up on what I've missed in the last couple of days and saw this. Depressed now.
I've no interest in fear, terrorism, prejudice or religious extremism, personally, which is probably why it didn't connect with me.

That said probably my favourite mini-arc in BSG was when the good guys started suicide bombing people.

I don't know. I'll miss Caprica, anyway, as it was aiming to be intelligent TV, and that's sadly lacking nowadays.

Also, the next time somebody says 'Joss, go to cable!' - Caprica got far less episodes than Dollhouse on FOX. Grass ain't always greener.
What do we expect? The SyFy channel features WRESTLING. That's Cro-Magnon, knuckles dragging in the dirt, lowest-common-denominator appeal for the release of violent testosterone poisoning, WRESTLING.

I gotta wonder how many scifi fans like wrestling. And what does wrestling have to do with scifi?

If the same people who ran this channel ran PBS, we'd probably have "Masterpiece Wrestling" every Friday night.

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I thought what was interesting was how they go about all their little schemes not realizing that they're pushing everything that much closer to the end of their civilization. And also how the colonials look so like us but are so ... not us.
[I suppose that's how it would be like if you transported a modern human observer in the middle of Roman society say 50 years before it fell. They'll look familiar but it would be a whole different world.]

About Star Trek--just think that nowadays TNG would not have made it past the 1st season, which would be tragic.

I hope the last episode of Caprica isn't like Farscape's cliffhanger (I mean the regular series end, before Peacekeeper Wars).
Does anyone have a link to information on the new BSG show?

Not really seeing it myself azzers, what aspects do you feel are tracking back in that direction ?

Honestly, the finale and the first episode back. The run up to the Lucian Alliance angle seemed fairly action oriented as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling it a BAD thing (in fact I quite enjoy it) and they are keeping with the charecter undercurrents.

I'm just saying, they've done a lot of their "development" and stage-setting and now they're playing with the charecters. And that tends to move it into a little more of the escapist category for me because you don't have to leave your intellectual cap on the whole time.
Yeah, I guess that's fair comment azzers, the finale run-up and season premiere were quite action oriented though (to me) it's not really a trend since a) the episodes since have been back to less action oriented stuff and b) they'd had action episodes previously (e.g. 'Time' in the first half of season 1). And even then, in amongst the action stuff we saw various fairly big character bits with e.g. Telford and Young (but I agree that since we know most of them better there's less untangling of motivations required just because we now basically understand where e.g. Rush is coming from - or think we do anyway ;) - so in that sense it's more straightforward).

Reckon it's just an artefact of season finales really - they have to be "big" and that usually means events (and probably a slight difference in usage too - to me "escapist" means things like fun adventures, a slightly lighthearted approach, to some extent bigger than life etc. i.e. less realistic, less gritty rather than just "not that intellectually demanding").
The best form of entertainment is one that can combine escapism with something a little more intellectual. To be honest, I think that must be an opinion most of us share here, on a board about a genre writer, and it is something Joss has always been excellent at creating. When I want cheering up and to lose myself in a world filled with people I would love to hang out with, I can watch an episode of Buffy. When I want to get my brain engaged with questions about life, death, family and power I can watch Buffy. Escapism and the intellectual don't have to be mutually exclusive.

This has made me really depressed now. I was also supposed to be seeing the Manic Street Preachers tonight, only to discover that their gig was cancelled due to bad health. I'm not having a good week.

Caprica was probably my second favourite show of the moment, after Dexter, and I'm really going to miss seeing this develop into the show that I knew it could be. It perfectly pitched itself alongside BSG, by building on the worlds the original show created but making its own little corner of it. It dared to be a sci-fi show that used words instead of lasers and in many ways was much better for it. The characters may not have been the most likeable, but they always intrigued me. I loved seeing all the goings on with the Adama family and how that shaped that big old father figure that commanded the Galactica. Watching Daniel Graystone schemes becoming more schemey was great stuff and the scenes with him trying to persuade Zoe-Cylon to admit to what she was were just incredible moments of nail-biting tension. I was looking forward to finding out more about the hidden life of Clarice, which was clearly going to link in with some of the final moments of BSG. And it had James Marsters and Jane Espenson working on it.

Argh!! Why aren't we allowed good things?
Escapism and the intellectual don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Totally agree. Strictly speaking, any fantasy (i.e. fiction that's not actually about for instance, totally off the top of my head, a network administrator in his day to day life ;) absorbing enough to take you out of yourself is, by definition, escapism because you're escaping your own existence (with whatever limitations it may have), content is irrelevant.

But for me escapism as distinct from just fiction in general also has a component of "in some sense, i'd rather be there than here", there's a wish fulfilment element. So Buffy is escapism a lot of the time whereas BSG for instance isn't (because beyond the coolness - from our perspective - of living in a spaceship, I wouldn't want to be them) despite both shows being sometimes exciting, sometimes intellectually stimulating etc. 'Caprica' is somewhere in between, in some ways it's not sufficiently different from here to be worth being there (knowing there's an impending apocalypse coming up I mean ;).

(to go back to the original example BTW, i've sort of shot myself in the foot because SGU is right on the line of hardships/dangers i'd put up with for the things i'd see i.e. I might actually rather be there than here so in my sense, it might be escapism, despite what I said above)
I think if they'd run it straight through it could have had more momentum.

Too bad they didn't wait until after the shout-out on The Big Bang Theory so more people could have heard of the show.

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