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October 27 2010

Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen on the Dollhouse comic books. "The very mention of a Season Three is giving us the giggles. Giggles that are suppressing our tears."

The very mention of a Season Three is giving us the giggles. Giggles that are suppressing our tears.

*tears up*

Some of the main characters established in the series will appear in the comics. And we’ll introduce some new faces as well.

Yay! I really hope we get some Dominic and Adelle. (obvious DeWitt/Dominic fan is obvious *shifty eyes*)

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Can I just say how much I love Meltdown Comics?


Aren't they ruled out of that simply by being older than 14?
Hah, epic fail ! If you're 14 or under you can't even watch 'Spartacus' cos of all the ladies' front bottoms and gentlemen's lower tummies ! Yeah, ZodKneelsFirst is feeling pret-ty silly now I betcha.

And yay to more 'Dollhouse'. I'd rather on screen than in comic but beggars/choosers/horses/steak etc.

edited for boldness. Not my friend as it turns out.

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Spartacus was one of the best shows of the year, hands down.
First time I've ever seen a picture of them! They're as adorable as they sound.

I was never really sold on the idea of a Dollhouse comic, since the show seemed to rely on its medium in a lot of ways (*coughEnverGjokajcough*), but now that it exists I'm sure I'll be helpless in its grasp.
I could have sworn Joss was emphatic about Dollhouse not being right for comics. I guess he changed his mind though.

Still don't know how well the different personas of a doll could work in that medium, but I'd still read it.
Kairos, you should check out their videos on Youtube for adorableness!
Spartacus was my second favourite show of last season, after Dollhouse. The last 5 or so episodes of that are amazing.
Indeed. Spartacus starts out terribly but by episode six or so, is just amazingly tense.
Yeah Saje, and when I was 14 (or 'AA' as it was called back in those days) you couldn't watch e.g. 'The Sweeney' and possibly 'Hooper', I can't remember, for the same reason, but somehow lust found a way.

Imagine how easy it is now with the interweb and twitface and so forth.

Now who's feeling silly?

Actually they might bring something to it. Can't wait for the episode where one of the characters unexpectedly lives to the end.

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Were you referencing Charlie Brooker initially, ZodKneelsFirst? If that were the case, he did do a Screenburn a couple of weeks later discussing how the show does become pretty darn good towards the end.
So basically, "Charlie says ..." ? ;)

Truth to tell, I enjoyed S:B&S a fair bit. John Hannah does that sort of vicious, backstabbing snideness to great effect, Lucy Lawless was similarly excellent, Andy Whitfield (good luck to him beating his cancer BTW) was convincing, the general operatic "turned up to 11"ness of it all was highly entertaining, a whole bunch of very attractive people got their kit off with (in some cases literal ;) gay abandon and you wouldn't believe the number of situations that "By Jupiter's cock !" fits to an absolute 'T'.

It was a bit predictable though (and not just because we know roughly how the story goes), sometimes the violence felt intended purely to shock (it didn't particularly bother me as it stands, I just prefer not to have my buttons pressed in quite such an obvious manner) and some (even most) of the supporting characters aren't much more than cut-outs, even after 13 episodes.

Can't wait for the episode where one of the characters unexpectedly lives to the end.

**SPOILERS** !! **potentially I mean** !!

Also, *feels silly*.
I'm glad Jed and Mo are the (I guess main) comic writers for DH, because it seemed they were the most freakishly (in a good way of course) in tune with the writing of the show IMO. (Stage Fright being a minor misstep).
"minor", edcsLover9? I kid, I kid. I'm glad to have a comic, I adore Dollhouse. Hopefully some of it will make the confusing events around The Hollow Men clearer.
I think I was probably subconciously reffing Brooker. Didn't he say written by and for 13 year old boys?

I obviously haven't seen the show as it's on Sky. I don't pay my TV licence... etc.
All I have to say is, I hope the Dollhouse comics continue to be drawn by Cliff Richards. I've been a huge fan of his work since the original Buffy comics.
So "six issues total, including the Season 2 pack-in, must mean that current plans for the comic look like this:

-DVD/blu-ray pack-in (haven't bought Season 2 yet, dunno the title of it)
-Dollhouse one-shot
-Dollhouse mini-series #1 to 4

That sound right ?

Wonder if the S2 pack-in comic will remain exclusive for a long while, or if it'll be collected in the eventual trade paperback and/or hardcover containing the mini and one-shot.

Love Spartacus, for all the reasons mentioned above (cast's vigor + beautiful use of language + epic-yet-still-very-personal storytelling + variety of eye candy). Can't wait to get more of it.
The S2 comic is called "Epitaphs" and it'll almost surely appear in any trade I reckon (even scaled up to full comic size it'd be about 10-12 pages, about half a standard issue).

And yep, that's how I make it too Kris. Wonder if the mini-series maybe won't be set in the Epitaph timeline (the wording makes me think the one-shot will be and then the mini might not - fill in a gap in the series maybe ? Whisky ?) ?
Oh dear, I suppose it falls to me then...


Yes, glad to see Cliff has got over the disappointement of failing to achieve a number one single in every decade he's been alive and finally devoted himself to something worthwhile.

I'm so ashamed.
I had something about liking him since 'Summer Holiday' but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Cheers for picking up the slack ;).

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