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October 28 2010

(SPOILER) Promo pics of Eliza Dushku on 'Big Bang Theory'. She is playing an FBI Agent. The episode titled 'The Apology Insuffiency' airs on November 4th.

Just occurred to me (seeing the picture) that if Eliza's Fed's interviewing ALL his friends/co-workers then Raj will need to be pissed to talk to her. Let the comedy hijinks begin ;).
Ooh I may actually watch an episode now...Although I really don't like sitcoms...but for Eliza, I'll make the exception...
I'll see if I can sneak in a discussion thread for her appearance next week.
Ooh thanks Simon!! You're the best!!
Genuinely curious BlueSkies, do you just mean "multi-camera, before a live studio audience" type shows or more (perhaps too) literally do you actually not like any TV comedy based on a situation (i.e. basically ALL comedy TV shows) ? I ask cos i've seen that sentiment a couple of times and been puzzled, my first response being, who doesn't like to laugh ? ;) My second being, "sitcom" is a much broader category and with fewer formula constraints than e.g. "procedural" and i'm curious as to whether you mean the whole genre or more a specific subset.
I actually don't like comedy, I never find it funny. well not those kinds of comedy; the office, friends, BBT, Scrubs etc. Although i do somewhat oddly enjoy Glee! But in general I don't watch comedy. Odd, I know...
Let's go with "differently un-odd" ;).

It's the "those kinds of comedy" bit I was getting at I guess (i.e. which kind is your kind, if any ?) since to me "sitcom" means those you list and stuff like e.g. 'Bored to Death' or 'Californication' (though some might argue they're more "sitdramcoms") or one of my recent favourites, the loosely situational "Louie" written and directed by Louie C.K.

(not meaning to press you BTW - feel free to tell me to piss off if you want ;) - it just piqued my interest is all)
Uhm, I don't know the ones you just mentioned, from Ireland, living in Japan, when I download a show it's usually something I really wanna see. For instance, i enjoy the humour on Terriers, that's funny! And I just went through my recent downloads...none of them (other than Glee and Terriers) have any kind of humour to them. Maybe I'm just too funny for tv?! :p

No worries about asking, I get it all the time when i make such statements!
Ah, get ya, been to Japan on holiday (amazing place) but obviously didn't watch much TV so don't know a lot about theirs content wise (even if they get many US shows i'd imagine they're dubbed ?). Yeah, must admit I only came across most of those mentioned from websites (like or even here), otherwise they'd pass me by too (and in the UK we get a lot of US TV).

Never really thought about it but I suppose I probably do seek out comedies although I don't make a point to watch every new one as I do with sci-fi for instance (of the shows I may - or may not ;) - download maybe a quarter are comedies though i'd say quite a few of the rest appeal to me partly because of their sense of humour. 'Terriers' is pretty funny for instance and even 'Dexter' has its moments).
I don't like comedies for the most part. The exceptions being some period comedies like The Philadelphia Story and Galaxy Quest, and stories that have happy endings and understated social satire along the way, like Waitress. Jokes in an otherwise serious story are fine with me. Don't know why; I just like what I like.
'Galaxy Quest' is a period comedy ? Is the period "contemporary" ? ;)

Not too fond of broad slapstick, apart from that i've never found a brand of humour I don't enjoy (in general I mean, obviously specific examples may not make me laugh, that's just how it works). Satire, parody, stand-up, sitcoms of various ilks, traditional setup/punch or more anecdotal observational stuff, wry humour, irony, "cringe comedy", comedies of manners, comedies of errors, humorous poems/limericks, visual comedy, puns, comic songs - love 'em all.

I've no idea if this applies to anyone here (doubt it) but sometimes there seems to me to be an almost Calvinist aspect to it in that some folk seem to almost feel guilty at laughing just for laughing's sake, as if there has to be a point to it, something to make it worthy, as if the business of life is too serious to be taken lightly. Me, I reckon it's too serious not to take it lightly ;).
Yes, Galaxy Quest is a comedy of manners (mostly) that's very much of its period, just as The Philadelphia Story and Jane Austen novels are of theirs. In this instance the period is double: the era when the series originally aired, and the era of the fan conventions.

I think the reason that I don't enjoy most theatrical comedy is that I usually identify with the butt of the joke. Less so when it's a humorous poem or setup/punch. In Real Life, I do laugh at myself and others.
Yes, Galaxy Quest is a comedy of manners (mostly) that's very much of its period, just as The Philadelphia Story and Jane Austen novels are of theirs.

Sure, every piece of fiction is of its period janef, that just means it'll (probably) age and eventually become dated (make a contemporary film and - unless you take great pains - you'll be setting it in a specific period, the period being "now", to a diminishing extent as time passes). But 'Galaxy Quest' isn't set when the series originally aired (in fact the whole point is it's set after it aired, in the "present", when everyone's star is on the wane) and similar fan conventions are still happening now so where are the period elements ? Period pieces are informed by the cultural mores of the specific time in question, can't really see how that applies to 'Galaxy Quest' myself (in a sense it doesn't apply to every film/book/record/painting/etc. I mean). Mileage varies, course.

As an another example, the 80s John Hughes comedies are very much of their period. They're surely not "period films" though ?
Saje, yeah anything they got is dubbed so it sucks! i got rid of my tv and now just use downloads! No point! And yeah, everything I watch is American! Irish and UK tv just doesn't still my tea...too many attempts at comedy, I'm not joking.

Although Spaced was hilarious! It is probably one of my favourite tv shows. And Shaun of the Dead was epic! Although Hot Fuzz kinda failed. Still better than anything else out there in the "comedy" bracket.

I'm not sure about the Calvinist connection, I just don't find them funny. I'd love to laugh at something, but to be honest they just try too hard and are too obvious. Ricky Gervais is my main nemesis on that side of the pond, annoys me no end! Not funny. Please stop him.
I'll use what influence I have to try BlueSkies ;). Still find his stuff funny (and often moving) myself though the man himself i'm starting to find a bit annoying.

See, 'Spaced' is a sitcom par excellence to me - it's a comedy with a very clearly defined situation (as are Shaun and Fuzz, both of which I loved BTW, which goes to show that not much is as subjective as humour). That pretty much answers my initial question in that it's just some (maybe most) sitcoms you take issue with rather than sitcoms full stop.

(the "Calvinist" thing is just a pet theory of mine, seems to possibly apply to some folk but it's virtually impossible to tell who without knowing them really well and frankly if someone's the sort of person it seems to apply to then i'm probably not going to get to know them really well cos they're likely not my cuppa. So not a particularly useful theory but then pets don't need to be useful do they ? ;)
Here's the trailer for the ep:
Thanks Saje, I appreciate your efforts in cleansing the planet!

Yeah I think the spaced situation is just so perfect for all lazy college years that you can't help but be sucked in! Although that is the only one for me, so far. Simon Pegg may just be a genius, and Jessica Stevenson may just be my hero! But they created a very singular experience. Most are so vacuous and never really progressing beyond the superficial that it physically hurts to watch them!

I'd love to meet some of the people of your theory though...and maybe slap them! What kind of human doesn't enjoy these things when done well!? sickos!

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