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October 28 2010

Keith Szarabajka was on Terriers last night. Now available on iTunes, watch Daniel Holtz in "Agua Caliente", in both standard and high definition.

Also available on Amazon Video. It will be available on Hulu and FX next Thursday. Also, please remember that next week's episode is co-written by Shawn Ryan and Kelly Wheeler -- your Blue Sun spokesmodel. It's also very good.
I just watched that and don't recall seeing him! (not that I was looking out for him!) Who was he playing?
The DEA agent Hank and Mark to go for info.
I saw it and was very impressed. It was a tense, gripping hour of television. I'm fully invested in this show now. Each week has been better than the last, but this one took things to a new level.

John Dahl directed - he also did this week's Caprica. I looked him up after I saw the ep, and it turns out he directed one of my favorite hours of television: the first part of the mutiny arc on BSG.
I love this show. Donal Logue is doing a hell of a job in the lead role.

It's a damn shame it likely won't get a second season.
Didn't recognize him without the beard at all!
TERRIERS is such a great show!
I'm really surprised people don't realize it's him. His voice is ridiculously recognizable (another Buffyverse alum I always recognize by voice is Jeff Kober). Granted, I've watched Angel all the way through several times, so I know Keith's voice pretty well...
Also, he has the same head he had on 'Angel' so two fairly big clues.

Liking the show a lot, all the cast are good but Donal Logue especially brings it every week. I'd heard it got dark and arcy later on though and to me, not so much. It's serious now (though still with a sense of humour), not the knockabout buddy show it seemed like it might be right at the start but not particularly dark (so far).

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