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October 28 2010

Cover for the Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic (Blu-ray/DVD Combo). As seen on Amazon.

Is there any word on if its the whole series or just half?
Is there any word on if its the whole series or just half?
It's the first 19 issues, I believe.
Presumably if it takes off we'll set a Buffy Season 8.5 Motion Comic DVD thingy.
I still dislike that no where on the disc does it say "Joss Whedon was not involved in this adaptation". It even says "Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight Motion Comic". Implies that he worked on it. Argh!!!

I would be so pissed if I was a random fan finding out Joss had nothing to do with the DVDs after I bought them, even if I loved them, because I would feel like I paid for fanfiction.

The thing is, I'll probably buy it anyway, just to see if they're any good.
The "The Chain" episode actually gave me goosebumps.

The whole series is pretty decent so far, though it's distracting to hear different voices to the characters you've come to hear in your head sounding just like they did on the tube back in the day. Some are good aproximations, others, not so much. (I'm looking at you, faux-Giles!)

I read the comics, love 'em to pieces, it's just a nice little bonus to see it in eh... motion. Sort of. And you can't really say Joss wasn't involved. He did the comic, and this stays 100% true to that. (Just keep buying the comics as well, I say.)
I don't think Bram Stoker was involved with making "Bram Stoker's Dracula", but then I guess everyone can find fault with something.
Skytteflickan88, I see what you mean but I don't know if that's 100% fair since Joss wrote several of the issues and was the "executive producer" for the entirety of S8. And more specifically, I doubt any of us would want to see Joss' video editing handiwork. (Wouldn't it be awesome if the entire motion comic was done in a similar fashion to the "GrrrArrrg" vamp?)

I guess a good analogy would be books on could be argued that the voice talent reading the book didn't put the proper inflections on certain words or phrases causing the wrong ideas to be conveyed to the listener. Even if that's the case, its still the author's story....whether the voice actor can (or can't) pronounce Sythe correctly.

ETA: What kaiuno said.

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Whoa that needs to come down a good $15 in price.
4 and a half hours of new Buffy on Blu-Ray for $30 isn't bad if you ask s'me.
What's this "Blu-ray/DVD Combo"? Is it the only way of purchasing the discs? I don't have Blu-ray, so I'm curious as to whether this will play in my DVD player. Sorry, never heard of this before!
^ It means it comes with the series on a Blu Ray disc AND on a DVD disc, so you can just watch via the DVD disc if you don't have anyway to watch the BR ;)
Anyone else finding it ironic that we have a Blu Ray version of the comics?
Depends on how you wan to define "ironic,"'s disappointing that we can't have the actual series on BluRay at the moment, but there be apparent reasons for why it wouldn't look great (at least for the first couple of seasons).

Like I said, he wasn't involved in the adaptation, as in "making" the adaptation. And how could it stay 100 per cent true, when they didn't ask Joss "What exactly did you mean to convey with this panel, how was the character suppose to sound, what is the essence of this comic, which parts of the plot is the most important to the over all story of season 8?" I'm sure they did their best with it, and it might be good, but still, it pretends to be more than it is.


Not sure I get your point or what you're disagreeing about. I never said Joss had to do the editing, I said Joss wasn't consulted about making the adaptation, thus it's not truly Joss' Season 8, it's a adaptation of it. And that's bothersome to me, because it doesn't say that in the description.
I was curious, so I know that Scott Allie isn't exactly down with the motion comics since they're just appropriating the art and what not, but does that mean that all the money is going straight to Fox or something? A cent of it go towards anyone we might actually care about? (writers, artists, maybe Dark Horse? Those voice actors we don't know?)

And side-quibble, that Chen cover is so much classier when not cropped or zoomed in. I know that's a little weird given that she's showing a bit of bare midriff which I don't really remember being that common in the actual show, but there's that posture that's kind of lost and it also seems to put a little weird emphasis on her chest given the logo.
orangewaxlion, you should see what the original choices were for the cover. Be very happy that this is the final result. I am.
What did the other choices look like?

They should've used TLWH tpb cover.

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From what I understand, this project appropriated the Season 8 comics without compensating the artists or the writers. Considering I already think it's subpar compared to the actual comics, then add on the overwhelming whiff of corporate greed and I'm not jumping for joy over these motion comics.

I share Skytteflickan's concern that the average fan will pick up this DVD and consider it the genuine article. These motion comics are editing out entire lines and even scenes, all without Whedon's involvement. It's like a Director's FOX CUT of Season 8 done without any insight into the big picture and how the season would end (how could they when the final issues weren't even written yet, so who's to say what lines in the first 19 issues are foreshadowing for the finale?).

I wish FOX had wanted to do a genuine animated Season 8 project. The animated motion comics just seem like a way to make money off the creative efforts of others.
eddy, that is exactly what I was lobbying for, the TLWH cover. My vote didn't carry enough weight. :)

Emmie, 20th owns all things Buffy. You can't rip off yourself. Also, don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Shockingly, it's not always true or always all the truth. :)
I'm with Emmie. The fact they actually cut lines (like most of Xander and Renee's flirtatious banter) is inexcusable to me. There's a lot of stuff that has been cut that I personally feel was important to the characterization of the characters. I also don't think any of the voice actors can grasp the flow of the dialogue at all so some of the lines just sound incredibly odd.

Oh and "Where's my SITH!?" nuff said. I definitely won't be purchasing this if they can't even be bothered to watch the show for 5 minutes and learn how to pronounce "scythe."
You know, I'm with the "that's a big negatory" guys with this one, BUT I do feel it may actually be a good thing that FOX is doing something, anything, with the Buffy franchise. If this does well for them, then it may lead to other, better, stuff down the road. One can at least hope.
Also, don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

TamaraC, does that mean that as a representative of 20th C Fox, you can confirm that Dark Horse's writers and artists do get paid for the motion comics?
That is hysterical, beergood. I have no access to the info you seek. I hear rumors and talk in the halls. 3rd and 4th hand stuff. Kinda like the interwebs. Also, as of tomorrow. I don't work there anymore. :) Go on with the grand conspiracy and fascinating drama about corporate greed. It is much more entertaining. Every good story needs a villain. LOL.
TamaraC: I hope you are going on to new and even better things. I have very much appreciated your information and moderating input from inside Fox. Thanks!
So you're dismissing reports of a not-exactly-unheard-of practice, from a normally credible news source, as "grand conspiracy" based on... nothing?

...I guess that is how you argue things on the internet. :) Oh well. Good luck with your next project!
So sweet, OldSwede! Thanks! Moving on to much better and bigger things. I'm over the moon about starting my new job. Still love the wonderful people who work their asses off to put out a good product at 20th. Great people working crazy hard to make fun stuff for fans. So proud I got the opportunity to work with such dedicated and really smart people. The perspective I got was priceless. Everyone should try it. :)
If this does well for them, then it may lead to other, better, stuff down the road. One can at least hope.

I tend to have the more pessimistic view that if this does well it'll just encourage more shoddy Buffyverse product as why spend more than you have to?
There's always that possibility helcat. One just has to hope it doesn't turn out that way.

Go on with the grand conspiracy and fascinating drama about corporate greed.

I didn't really think the fairly simple question (to my mind anyway) of whether or not the people who drew and wrote the comic are getting residuals from a derivable piece of work constitutes a "grand conspiracy."

The telling factor is the lack of any word from the makers of the motion comic, whether denying it or not.

Everything else I have read about it is just fan opinion on the quality of the work, which to each their own.
Also, don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Shockingly, it's not always true or always all the truth. :)

I don't believe that.

(good luck in your new job TamaraC. Same sort of thing or in future will you be vigorously defending some entirely different faceless bureaucratically evil entity* :-)

Way overpriced, from what i've seen way under quality and since the payment issue is at least dubious it's an easy one to avoid.

* very kidding BTW, you're the essential, corporation friendly balance against people like, well, me ;)
Not very interested in checking this out anymore after hearing about the mispronounciation of "scythe" and lines being cut (Xander & Renae banter ?!? How are new readers/viewers supposed to care about her death if they're not given the opportunity to know her a little ?). Who knows what else they might mess up in the second DVD/blu-ray collection (although I'm kinda curious to see how they pull off the space sex, heh. I mean do you just draw some shaky motion lines, slightly animate the Buffy & Angel drawings rocking back and forth/up and down, or pony up the money to fully animate those scenes ?). The question of compensation for artists and writers still unanswered doesn't instill buyer-fanboy confidence either(I realize someone picking this up off the shelf at Wal-Mart probably won't consider).

In their favor, from what I've seen in the trailers, Buffy Season 8's still one of the best executed motion comics in terms of animation, awkward a format as it still is.

Really cool to hear from someone about how "The Chain"/issue #5 translated though, so thanks for sharing kaiuno. Not requiring any original actor soundalikes, plus the trailer for the issue making it look kinda beautiful, had me optimistic.
(Xander & Renae banter ?!? How are new readers/viewers supposed to care about her death if they're not given the opportunity to know her a little ?)

Maybe she doesn't die in the motion comic ! Verse-fork !

Ah, the Great Canon Wars of 2010. Good times.
That'd satisfy some of the Joss-kills-off-every-happy-couple observers/critics (Kaylee/Simon & Victor/Sierra conveniently forgotten, much of the time, plus a few non-main character couples like the anomaly of Riley/Sam). Whenever I see someone use a term like "Verse-fork", I think of the Abrams Trek film. It's not such a bad thing, in the right hands (though the Buffyverse doesn't need/warrant a reboot, IMO).

Canon Wars of 2010 were nothing--wait 'til next year when we start questioning the Real Life canon of eachother's posts.
I don't get the purpose of motion comics. They aren't the comics (I have those and can read them myself) and they aren't cartoons. Are they for people who like comics but can't read?
They're for people who don't like comics but do like DVDs, methinks. At a guess this will make Fox a load of money.

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