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October 28 2010

10 Of The Best SciFi Sidekicks. Two Whedon alums make the list.

1) KITT was the hero, Hasselhoff was the sidekick.
2) Doyle? Really? On the list of possible Whedon show sidekicks, he ranks below... well, everyone else, in my book. Zoe's a good choice, but Angel S1 started getting good once Wesley appeared.
I loved Doyle, but I wouldn't call Angel 'sci-fi' (they should have taken a lesson from yesterday's thread ;))
Yeah, the list is flawed, but we can all agree that Doyle was pretty pivotal. Right? Sure, there was Whistler and Wesley and Cordy and Fred and Gunn... I personally think Doyle should rank with Wesley precisely because he was the guy who showed Angel what a HERO is capable of early in his hero-career.

"Angel: Life is hard for a hero. Take it from me. I will die for a couple dozen of my kind. What are you willing to do?" (paraphrasing the intent of his death)

Doyle gave Angel a purpose more than Buffy ever did. Doyle is a HERO.
I wouldn't consider Zoe a sidekick ...
There's a MAJOR BSG spoiler in there, for anyone who hasn't seen the final season.

No Willow or Xander??
What!!!! No Willow! Nonsense!
Well iirc Willow never wanted to be thought of as B's sidekick, anyway.
OH MY FREAKING GOD. The Lone Gunman?! Love 'em. Xander totally should've been on there, though.
@Shey... we found that out in March 2007... I think it's a little beyond being a spoiler now, and just part of history.

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