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October 28 2010

Another top 10 list, must be Thursday: The Top 10 "Monster Shows". Top 10 monster shows: The frightening, the funny and the all-round best beasts on TV. Plus a poll at the bottom where you can show your BtVS love against the likes of Twilight, True Blood and....The Twilight Zone??

The Twilight Zone kicked ass in its day.
What?! Get rid of top ten lists? I personally think we should be making top ten lists of top ten lists. Of top ten lists.

Plus I love clicking through slide shows. Pretty pictures!
Buffy is a novel, Twilight Zone is a short story compilation - I refuse to choose.
Gah! I love Buffy, The X-Files, AND The Twilight Zone. Of course, I had to choose Buffy, but it was a hard decision, one that I hope I shall never have to make again.
I never saw Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, but to me, a kid's monster show in this list could be Are you Afraid of The Dark, or the always forgotten So Weird.
As somebody poiinted out the Munsters were ordinary sitcom people who looked like old-mvoie monsters. The Addams Family were normal-looking but fundamentally alien (they did not have human insides) and scary, which is one reason a very intelligent sitcom reincarnated as 2 disturbing (and, to me, not worth re-watching) movies (I bought the 2nd one only for Mercedes.)

And I agree, refuse to choose. Wish Rod Serling had lived to see Joss's shows (his older brother just died) would love to hear his opinion.

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