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October 29 2010

Mark Ruffalo reveals his approach to playing Hulk in The Avengers. In related coverage, has an exclusive look at Chris Evans as Captain America and Flaunt Magazine has an interview and photoshoot with Jeremy Renner.

"josh whedon"
Josh? Really? Joss is directing and he doesn't even know his name.
I guess he needs to "talk a lot" more with Josh to learn how to pronounce his name. Clearly he is a fan of Josh's work from way back.
It's the difference between a voiceless palato-alveolar sibilant [ʃ] and a voiceless coronal sibilant [s] - the correct uses of which are easily confused if you go by common speech patterns. I say give the man a break.

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It's the difference between a voiceless palato-alveolar sibilant [Ê?] and a voiceless coronal sibilant [s]...

That's easy for you to say.
It sounds like a speech pattern rather than a deliberate mispronunciation, because Ruffalo does speak a little lackadaisically. Still, Cut it Out!

It would be cool if he didn't put Bill Bixby completely out of his mind, kept the intellectual intensity along with the trademark glasses, but brought the irresistible Ruffalo charm as well. And if Joss chooses to make Banner somewhat hot, I wouldn't mind at all. If you know what I mean. ** Nudge Nudge Wink Wink **
I'm sure by the time the movie is out, there won't be all that many mispronouncers left. Not in the cast anyway.
I marvel (ahem) at how this project is going to ratchet up the Whedony talent pool. Wonder who will emerge as a Joss favorite, possibly joining what we like to call his "repertory".

And Saje - HEE!
I have a tip for him. Act like Ed Norton.
Ruffalo is immensely talented. He doesn't need to act like Norton as Banner. Not being argumentative, just my opinion.
If Evans' hair was blonder I'd be sold.
Maybe monksdad wasn't so much criticizing Ruffalo's acting talent as hoping for character consistency from The Incredible Hulk to The Avengers. I can understand wanting that, though unless they include Liv Tyler's Betty Ross or maybe General Ross in Joss' film, I don't think there's gonna be any link between the two films (woops, almost forgot that Robert Downy Jr. showed up in the last scene of Incredible Hulk. Fine, they're connected. Bleh, actor changes, though I do like Ruffalo as much as Norton).

Flaunt's photo shoots are sometimes hot and/or classy and sometimes awkward. The Renner stuff's nice, except for the weird hole-y shirt they have him in for a few of the published shots.

Win for Chris Evans--one of my friends who's a huge Marvel comics & films fan saw the Captain America shots online last night and didn't realize it was the same dude who played The Human Torch/Johnny Storm,was surprised when we pointed it out (she's seen both the Fantastic Four films, I never got around to the second). Must be 'cause he has more hair this time + beefed up.
What Tonya J said. Ruffalo is probably my favourite living actor. He's superb.
I almost couldn't recognize Chris Evans as Cap too, and I *knew* it was him. He looks much more mature as Steve Rogers (it's going to be Steve Rogers, right?) than when he did Johnny Storm. And that suits both characters fine, obviously.
All this stuff about The Avengers keeps giving me some kind of cognitive dissonance.
First we find out that "the Avengers" doesn't have John Steed or Emma Peel in it.
Then we find out it has a character called Hawkeye who wasn't ever played by Alan Alda.
And there's an actor called Chris Evans who isn't the breakfast DJ on Radio 2.
And Mark Ruffalo doesn't have a poisonous wart on the end of his nose.
OMG I can't believe he said Josh!!! and he talked to him alot?? lol

to be fair, maybe he is just tired.
No, let's not let him off the hook. The guy clearly hates kids, kittens, Mom, apple pie, the flag, freedom, democracy and is very likely a Communist (probability: 99.423%). No other explanation is remotely acceptable (unless he did it for a bet and/or to wind us up, in which case it's imperative that I buy him a beer at the earliest opportunity).

And there's an actor called Chris Evans who isn't the breakfast DJ on Radio 2.

Yeah, I get that a bit. I bet Captain America wouldn't forget his toothbrush though, he seems pretty squared away.

Evans (the non-ginger one) looks the part to me, from the little bit we can see I like the suit, like the utilitarian vibe and the solidity of the shield. And from 'Sunshine' among others i'm pretty confident he's got the chops.

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