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"It may be you could wrest some information from that dread machine."
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October 29 2010

Horror's Greatest Heroes: The 10 Greatest Monster Fighters. "Sunnydale's champion redefined monster-killing for a new generation."

I don't understand it either.
Well, it's to do with space and sex. It's sp-sex. Obvious really.

I think this might be a list heading I haven't seen before ? Wonders never cease. Can't argue with Ash, Buffy or Ripley (though if the list is actually ranked - rather than just "Here's 10 in no particular order" - then I could argue with that). And I reckon Riddick deserves more than an honourable mention, those flying alien shark things did NOT know who they were fucking with ;).

(and if Ash qualifies then how about Shaun from 'Shaun of the Dead' ? Though only for some definitions of 'greatest' I suppose)
Again, mostly stuff that's after my time

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