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October 29 2010

Eliza Dushku interview at Wonder Woman, Dollhouse, Ghostbusters 3 and much more get discussed.

I've edited your entry to show that it's a big Eliza interview.
This interview seems to possibly be putting words in her mouth or possibly misquoting Eliza. In another interview she said Franco was simply interested in the project, not that he would be replacing her brother Nate as the lead:

So take this possibly with a grain of salt. It may or may not be accurate.

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PerezHilton and other sites are actually reporting James is playing Robert. Now how true that is I don't know but it was published before the Eliza interviews.
It definitely could be true, but we have two articles saying slightly different things, and now apparently Perez Hilton saying he's attached to the project while Eliza is still just saying he's interested in it. Just trying not to jump the gun until we hear something more definitive from Eliza/Boston Diva. It's a bit of a trek to go from "Interested" to filming, and not all the interested parties make it to the filming part :)
My word, that site has a lot of ads.

I love Eliza, though. She's pretty much amazing.
'No Ordinary Family' is, unfortunately, a pretty ordinary show but Eliza as super-villain would rock. Super-slightly-shady-person-who-turns-out-to-be-more-of-an-anti-hero-than-villain would also work.
Eliza is so sweet and talented. She makes the production process seem so simple for me, but I expect it takes a long time to get decently good at it.
Sorry, not familiar with Ms. Fox and I know you can't be a DC fundamentalist for a movie but ELiza is just too untall and Beyonce just too unGreek.

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