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October 30 2010

The A.V. Club reviews Felicia Day's 'Red: Werewolf Hunter'. The movie premiered last night on Syfy. The reviewer says "if you liked her character in Dollhouse, most of Red will be pleasantly familiar."

Anyone here watch it?

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing is definitely your typical SyFy caliber, but any movie with Felicia Day having this much fun is definitely worth my time!
Looks like a lot of fun. I'll definitely have to watch this at some point.
I enjoyed it a lot, but of course I just enjoy Felicia Day a lot!
I watched bits and pieces (came in late). Let's just say I enjoyed watching Felicia kick ass and leave it at that.
Wait, soooo this movie isn't campy horror/comedy? Based on the title, I kind of ass-u-me'd it was. Well. Huh.
The comments on the review (not the comments here, but the ones on the linked site) are kind of making me sick...
Not the best of their commentators, it has to be said, but I will defend because the A/V TV Club has become my favourite review site lately. The writers there do absolutely brilliant analysis, and the folk who comment (for the most part) are pretty good. I do have something of a 4chan mentality to it all of that stuff though.

I might catch the film when it airs over here in the UK. I've never watched one of their b-movies, ever. Should be fun.
I'm having a hard time seeing how people liked this movie.
I just watched it. For a Syfy movie, it's not bad - although really, you can watch the last 30 minutes and basically know the full plot. Nobody is going to win an Emmy for the writing (non-pro tip: add some humour). Felicia Day kicks ass - she should have her own show. Pitch: 30 Rock mixed with Buffy. I'm not kidding.
I thought the movie plodded from "A to B" in a rigidly predictable manner. With the exception of Felicia Day's performance, the acting/dialog was mostly wooden. Also, I found the ending rather abrupt. Felicia came across as convincing, but everyone else came across as "Oh... wow... I... am... so... frightened.... When do we get paid for this gig?"
I will definitely be watching this, even though it is a SciFi (er...SyFy) original movie, but only because it has Felicia.

Also, THE WALKING DEAD in 15 minutes (on AMC)! God, how I wish there was a Whedon connection to this show so I could ramble and swoon over it on this site without my posts being flagged or deleted by Simon.

Also, Felicia is great. Watched Epitaph One, as well as the series finale of "Legend of Neil" tonight! (Legend of Neil co-stars Felicia as a faerie in a comical web-series based on "The Legend of Zelda." If you played the original Zelda game or love Felicia, I recommend this web series.)
Waterkeeper511: I agree! Wow...I read the first paragraph and started to feel intense bias and had to leave. Made me feel sick, and insulted.

Can anyone say Enver Gjokaj is NOT a terrific actress? Can you really say Feicia Day is NOT a talented, dedicated writer and actress? Ugh...I can't even continue. Ugh.

Not going to visit AV Club for a long while.
"Can anyone say Enver Gjokaj is NOT a terrific actress?"

I can. He is NOT a terrific actress, but he is a fantastic actor!
On the contrary, Enver Gjokaj can pull off being a terrific actress.
*lol* He can indeed. And it was hilarious. Oops. =)

I know Enver is a boy. A very, very pretty boy, but a boy nonetheless. A man, even.

Wow I am embarrassed.

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