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November 01 2010

Marti Noxon a Part of Bringing DreamWorks to Better, Bigger Health? Marti Noxon is quoted and mentioned (as she is a co-writer on the forthcoming DreamWorks sci-fi actioner "I Am Number Four" as well as the scribe for the horror-comedy remake "Fright Night") in a write up via The New York Times on the reenergizing of DreamWorks Studios.

Just saw the trailer for "I am Number Four" and it looks intriguing. I am also excited about "Fright Night", it is one of my favorite horror movies, we watched it again this weekend! Great cast. Congrats Marti!
Yeah, the trailer was vague enough to be intriguing, already mentally flagged it as one to consider and now that I know Marti co-wrote it i'll very likely take a look (must admit, I watched it while squinting cos i'd just watched the trailer for 'Let Me In' beforehand and let's just say I was pretty happy i'd already seen [the excellent] 'Let the Right One In' cos they had some very spoilery snippets in there - what is it with trailers and spoilers these days ? It's almost like they don't want you to see the film).

(and casting is one of the things that worries me slightly about the 'Fright Night' remake - there's only one Roddy McDowall)

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