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November 01 2010

"I played more villains on Buffy than anyone else". Camden Toy talks about the show and his new acting gigs 'The Bay' and 'Good Night Burbank' (which also stars Miracle Laurie).

Can someone list who he played?
A Gentleman from Hush, Gnarl that's pictured on the interview and an Ubervamp or two, according to IMDb.

Oh and the Prince of Lies from the Angel ep Why We Fight.

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It's so unusual to see such a smallish guy with such a typically tall-man's face.
Ha! that's funny. From the headshot I was picturing him as a tall person, although I realize now of course he's not.

Nice interview. I think he's right: it is nice to know that he liked playing the villains on Buffy and Angel - they're such fun characters to watch.

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