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November 01 2010

Dark Horse HD Presents a New Serenity Tale. The new story, Serenity: Downtime, will be available online for free on Monday, November 8th. It comes to you from the creative team behind the upcoming Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale (Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee).

Full PR:

The third installment of the all-new DH:HD content featuring an original Serenity story is going live on Monday, November 8th! DH:HD stands for Dark Horse: High-Def and represents our partnership with USA Today and Toshiba to showcase new comics across media platforms. (You can find last summer's press release describing the program  here: 

The story is called Serenity: Downtime, and it's written by Zack Whedon with art by Chris Samnee. This is the same writer/artist line up as Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale which goes on sale this Wednesday.

Here's the story synopsis:

Malcom Reynolds and Serenity crew are snowbound after a risky heist. As they wait out the storm, personal dramas play out onboard while River Tam's own adventures go mostly unnoticed. The creative team behind the new graphic novel Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale present the entire cast in a story that will have you falling in love with the show all over again.

The all-new comic can be read Monday, November 8th @

Here's a break down of the creative team:

Script: Zack Whedon

Art: Chris Samnee

Colors: Dave Stewart

Lettering: Michael Heisler

I apologize for my mis-posts... I had some trouble deleting or editing what I wrote.

What I wanted to say was, I did not see a Serenity/Firefly article in the link provided. Does the page you linked to update regularly, or did I just overlook the article you were linking to?
That premise would make a great audio drama. Someone pony up the cash to, let's see, have the cast perform/record an audio drama live at SDCC next year. ;)

Also, DH is still welcome to take a look at the outline for my Serenity short comic.
That's an interesting idea, b!x. Reminds me of what the Middleman crew did at SDCC last year, reading aloud the script from their unaired episode. It'd be pretty cool if they got the Firefly crew back together at Comic-Con and had them table read a new adventure, or even just one of the comics adapted for table-reading form. Just a thought!
The link is to where it WILL be posted on the 8th.
Wasn't the intention of this to be a prequel to the OGN that comes out this week?
Somewhat OT, but I don't have a link to start a new item:

Last night when they passed the World Series trophy to Lincecum (the starting pitcher for the Giants), the Fox announcer asked him what he thought of it. Lincecum looked it over for a few seconds, and said, "Shiny." And that's _all_ he said.

It is, literally, shiny, but no one but Lincecum would have made a remark like that. Is it possible that he's a Firefly fan?

If anyone has a link to a clip of this moment and wants to start a new topic, feel free.
Not gonna start a new thread for that, but ask and ye shall receive.
That's great, zeitgeist. Thank you. "Shiny" was more audible on the live broadcast than in this little clip.

I have to hand it to Lincecum for a one word answer to a typical stupid interview question. Post game interviews with athletes are usually unbearable for me to watch, and must be even worse for the athletes. Especially for a guy like Lincecum, who seems to have a skate boarder/bike messenger persona.
The post game interviews are always redundant and silly and the opposite of insightful. Of course the play by play can be that way, too - "What they really need to do is get some points on the board/move the ball down the field/other sport-specific generic thing here". Ya think? Okay, rant over, back to topic.

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