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November 02 2010

Amber Benson talks Grant Morrison. She's one of the many notable people who attempt to decipher the enigma that is comic book scribe Morrison. The film is being screened in several cities in upcoming weeks, and the DVD will also be for sale.

The official website can be found here.

The link just goes to the main site. Is there an interview somewhere? Or is she interviewed on the dvd?
I changed the link to the IMDB page where there is actually mention of her.
Sounds worth a look. Doubt this'll get a wide release, might have to keep my eye on the arthouse cinema listings, see if they get it (which means i'll have to pay - boo ! ;).
Morrison is so over-hyped it's absurd. I'm always disappointed to see anyone overly caught up in his schtick, and based on the site, it appears that he continues to worsen over time.

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