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November 03 2010

(SPOILER) The latest Buffy Season 8 Q&A with Georges Jeanty. Fans ask, Georges answers. Last month's issue gets discussed in detail and there's big hints dropped for the last three issues of Season 8.

Right now I'm getting more scared about Xander's fate: Jeanty avoided answering both my questions and talked about something else. The one about Xander, he talked about Dawn's role and how her relationship with Xander grows (before Xander dies), and the second about the possibility for future Xander/Spike scenes, he misunderstood completely - deliberately? - and talked about how that scene in #37 doesn't say anything about Xander/Spike's relationship, which not true, and also not what I was asking about... also what he said about the cover of #40 being misleading.

Xander is dead. I'm so afraid now.
Well I'm sure we'll find out what the score is in about 4 or 5 hours time.
Can someone sum up some of the important things Georges mentioned? I'm at school and Slayalive is blocked.
KaileeA42 - here's the gist


I took the sun to mean the dawn of a new age. What age, you'll have to wait for Season 9.

It'll be a new beginning...?

reaction to #39:

I was certainly pissed off. So much so that Scott, when he finally gave me the script to read, said he held off giving me any details of that issue because he knew it would upset me. [description in one word] Loss


You're gonna hate Angel and then feel bad for him, he does the tortured vampire thing so well. [...] Oh Angel will have a lot to atone for once he gets his own book.

#40 cover:

It's the last time you see them all together...

Spike's absence on the #40 cover:

All I'll say is that Spike is missing. [...] I was given a list of the characters I was to have on the cover. [...] My contribution was to add the Sunnydale sign and include Faith (basically because I love Faith).[...]

Dawn's absence on the #40 cover:

Dawn's there, she's the one above Willow [...] Seriously, Dawn is on the cover! The Spike thing is another issue.


I'm hoping this relationship, which will go on, will change people’s perception of Dawn as the whiny little sister.

Buffy's photos in Gigi's "shrine" in #7:

Angel supplied Roden with all of that
Don't forget that there could be a problem with Buffy's soul.
Some interesting reveals in this Q/A.
So the cover for 40 isn't the actual, full cover then. Or Jeanty's flat lying, which I doubt. Guess it feeds into the whole "Fear for Dawn's life!" thing they've been pushing.
That said, I don't think Xander's in danger either given how Jeanty seemed to phrase their relationship growing and evolving. That's not gonna happen within one issue...or Xander gets a respawn.
Dawn is between Willow and Giles. She was blacked out to tease her death. Jeanty apparently doesn't realize they put out a censored version of the cover.
(Comment deleted. I put it in the wrong thread. Oops!)

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I know Buffy was all freaked out about herself, post-resurrection... but Tara checked her out and I think she would have noticed a missing soul. When did the idea that Buffy was soulless pop up? Has it even, or is Jeanty just throwing stuff out there?
I love Jeanty, but IMO, he totally read that bit wrong. The "soulless" bit was referring to Twilight, the universe, not Buffy. This is supported by the fact that in #38, Twilight incarnate aka Evil!Kitty tells Angel that Angel will bring it its soul: the Seed. The Master was basically saying that the new world created by Buffy and Angel is not deserving of the Seed.

So yeah, I think Jeanty was offering an interpretation, based on the question, which is valid, but IMO, all points lead to the interpretation I just laid out.
Ok, on the same page with that wenxina.... Jeanty answers questions strangely sometimes so it's not too surprising.
I think Spike/Spuffy fen can let go of two arguments thanks to Jeanty's answers here.

1) He dismisses the idea that Spike not being included in the Long Way Home dream cubes means Spike's forgettable or insignificant to the story.

2) He clarifies what he meant by Angel as "home" to Spike's "cabin the woods." For Buffy, Angel "was that perfect relationship we all have in our minds about being with someone" while Spike "is more the reality of who that someone is. Not glamorous, and sometimes hard to get to, but there's a comfort there nonetheless."

Or to put it in other terms, Angel is the "forever" fantasy while Spike is "real".
I wonder why they think Spike's more the real one...could just be my cold-addled brain, I'm just not entirely getting it for some reason.
Why didn't Scott or Joss inform Georges that the winged Twilight lion is probably inspired by Angel's tattoo ? (not just out-of-story, but an in-story reason for why Twilight took that form as well--resembles its father in one small, significant way).

Also, and I know I intentionally did this as well a couple months ago because I didn't know what other mythological creature it lined up with(not weird enough to be a chimera, despite the lion's head), that ain't a griffin/gryphon (huh, two spellings for that, just looked it up. The "ypho" version seems to be in more popular use these days, whereas when I was a kid I remember seeing "griffin" more in print).

Gryphons have the heads/necks of eagles (not usually the American bald eagle, but more generic brown ones), plus the wings, and the bodies of lions (with sometimes bird feet & talons, sometimes lion paws & claws--but the more avian version is artistic interpretation, apparently the fully lion-bodied/limbed version is textbook definition griffin).

Jeanty's speculation about Buffy's soul is, I think, just his personal musings about something that was actually resolved within the season it was brought up, not a point that's gonna show up in Season 8 (then again, Buffy being resurrected was muddily referenced in Season 7 as a "reason" that The First Evil could strike when and how it did, so...who knows).

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