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December 15 2003

Region 2 release for Firefly At last an idea of when we can expect to see the release of Firefly in the UK.

Although it isn't confirmed, it's nice to see that a release is likely to be in the first half of next year.

You R2 people are so spoiled -- we should make you wait four years for Firefly! Then you'll see what it's like!
You forget that it is the R1 people that get to see all of these great shows first on your TV Screens and anyone over here who only has terrestrial TV and cannot afford the DVD/VHS released have to wait for ages! Channel 5 have still not even got to the end of season 3 of Angel, so I think it is you guys who get it good ;-)
Heh you forget that the UK gets to see Stargate ahead of the US.
OH thank GOD! i was starting to contemplate buying a multi-region DVD player, just so that i could buy the DVD and play it. I really can't wait for it to come out in region 2. But I think i might explode if i have to wait until March ... i bet it will take even longer :( ...can't wait to get it though.... love the eps, havent seen the three that havent aired in the US (saw the rest via kazaa - bad boy i know, but i am in switzerland :( ) and i really am looking fwd to hearing the commentraies :)

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