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November 03 2010

MGM files for bankruptcy. Cabin In The Woods future still uncertain.

Once MGM exits Chapter 11, a new set of execs will run "a slimmed-down (studio) with significantly less overhead and start producing new movies."

Cabin in the Woods is mentioned at the end, but no future is told for its release. Mary Parent, the studio exec who championed Joss at MGM, has left the company.

To quote someone very wise, "Grrr, arggh."
There's a press release that also makes it clear that MGM will be retaining all its assets. So, barring a specific managerial decision, Cabin isn't being sold to anyone else, at least at the moment.
Just saw this on a Dutch news website and I just knew I recognized the name from somewhere...and now I know.
Not exactly a shock and though i'm glad MGM will persist as a distinct entity (for now anyway), I feel bad for Mary Parent (and that Joss has lost a supporter at a studio), hopefully she'll go on to bigger and better things.

This presumably bodes reasonably well for Cabin though right ? I mean, if they're a going concern again in as little as a month and have working capital then won't releasing films that're ready to go be a fairly high priority ? I get that they'll want to get Bond 23 up and running as quickly as possible but it'll still be 1-2 years before that's out, Cabin (in 2D) could fill that slot very nicely.
Wow, this is pretty crazy. I'm glad something has happened with this, though. The weird limbo they were in was unbearable. I keep forgetting Joss (and, of course, Drew) has a whole f***ing completed movie out there that I haven't seen. It's a weird thought.
Its only release in the past year was the comedy "Hot Tub Time Machine," which was a box-office disappointment.

And with that title that's a surprise?

The article doesn't mention that "Cabin in the Woods" is a Joss Whedon film and has a built-in audience of fanatic Whedonites who will not only drag their friends to see it, but buy the DVD release in astounding numbers.
Yeeah, I dunno though, barboo. Isn't that kind of what Universal was relying on with Serenity?
Fingers crossed... and beyond the Whedon fanbase, methinks many people are more likely to casually see a horror flick than a sci-fi flick.
Yeah, never pitch a mainstream project on Joss' fanbase alone making a dint. We're awesome, but we're not the audience for something multi-million dollar - 95% of everybody else is.

I'm still hoping MGM flog it to somebody else who can actually release it.

Feel sorry for Mary.
It's good to hear that some movement is finally happening over at MGM. Can't say I really fully understand what has actually been agreed upon (numbers make my brain go boom), but it sounds like things might be allowed to start happening with the canned films, along with future ones.

Priority-wise though, I'm not sure how high releasing Cabin actually would be. Getting Bond and Hobbit out there, would probably rake in the cash almost regardless of quality (not that I would want either to be rushed of course.) Still, I suppose we could getting a release of Cabin about a year after the previous release date.
Why camp on finished movies? Wouldn't releasing them make money? I mean, if they are already made what can it hurt?
ShanshuBugaboo is takes tens of millions of dollars to market and launch a movie. That is tens of millions that MGM hasn't had to spend so that's why Cabin and Red Dawn have sat on the shelf.
I felt some good might come out of this until I saw b!x's comment. Grr, argh, indeed. WHAT A WASTE!
Its the horror movie to end all horror movies... literally.

Still jonesing to see it, big time. Maybe even over The Avengers because I'm always for the underdog. So come on, MGM, I'm rooting for you.
I think MGM should just sell both Cabin & Red Dawn to Lionsgate and be done with it. I'd wager those films would do well in those hands.

@barboo - Cabin isn't really a Joss Whedon "film". He produced it and co-wrote it, but it was directed by Drew Goddard. Since Drew wrote Cloverfield and his script for Robopocalypse is now being made by Speilberg, I think his name is really generating some traction right now. I hope the film gets theatrical release, and soon.

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